7 Years Girl Dancing and Walking on Road with Pots on Head

Probably you have been visiting some great places to see circus. But if you visit to India, probably you will see some The Great Indian Circuses on Streets of India. There are thousands of family in India who makes their daily living out of by doing  some astonishing, eye catching & surprising circus activity.  Its a tradition in India and for many family from years and years its like their profession. Indian people have been watching this over centuries. People say them here circuswale who do such performances in bigger level making some stages for one day or few days. You will most probably find them in some Melas – Diwali Mela, Dusshra Mela etc, some festival, ceremony , huge get togethers. Some are door to door or street performer, some goes to village and sit on centre of village and start showing their performance. People get attracted to them due to their amazing skills like ants sticking into sweets. After shwoing their performance they will go to everybody taking one small bowl or basket. And you are supposed to give some money as much as you wish.

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the great indian circus
7 Years Old Girl on Rope at Old Delhi, India

Circus in India is a culture in ceremonies and Melas. The title I choose The Great Indian Circus because I recently watched Bollywood Mr. Pefectionist , actor , Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3 movie. It is based on life a circus man. Ha ha .. you might be lauhging now .. ha ha … crazy Anil. I just wanted to share this with my sweet friends.. he he 😛

Now here is one similar , The Great Indian Circus video type one of my friend – Arun Sharma, sent me few days ago. I thought its worth sharing. Take a look my  dear friends.

This video is filmed in the streets of Old Delhi, India. If you walk around there, often you will see such performances there. In this video, a small 7 years old girl is dancing so comfortable on a rope approximately 5cm/ 2 inch thick without holding anything. She keeps a stick on her hand and she had put some pots on head arranged one above the other. This is not an easy task.  You can guess how much practice she might have done for this circus peformance.

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