All Hindi Adverbs List for time with English Meaning & Video (55+)

When we speak Hindi or write Hindi sentences most of the time we have to use Adverbs which can be time adverbs or location adverbs or any other. So, let’s increase our Hindi vocabulary by learning some adverbs, I have created 3 videos to list out all Hindi adverbs. Each video contains 20 Hindi adverbs list.
Hindi Adverbs List
While watching this video and trying to learn adverbs, please see the words written and speak with me. For correct pronunciation of these Hindi words I have written in Roman- English, Hindi & Devanagari script. More and more adverbs you know, more easy you will feel while making sentence and speaking Hindi fluently.

Hindi Adverbs List

Today – Aaj आज

Yesterday – Kal कल

Tomorrow – Kal कल
Day before yesterday – Parson परसों
Day after tomorrow –  Parson परसों
In the morning – Subah ko सुबह को
In the evening – Shaam Ko शाम को
At noon – Dopahar Ko दोपहर को
At night – Raat Ko रात को
All day – Saara Din सारा दिन
All day – Pura Din पूरा दिन
All night – Saari Raat सारी रात
All night – Puri Raat पूरी रात

learn hindi with anil mahato

Now – Ab अब
Then – Tab तब
When – Kab कब
Always – Hamesha हमेशा
Always – Sadaib सदैब
Sometime – Kabhi  कभी
Sometimes – Kabhi Kabhi कभी कभी
Never – Kabhi Nahi कभी नहीं
Often – Prayah प्रायः
Occasionally – kabhi kabaar कभी कबार
Seldom – Sayed hi सायेद ही
Once – Ek Baar एक बार
Twice – Do Baar दो बार
Thrice – Teen Baar तीन बार
X Times – X Baar ___ बार
Everyday – Har Roz हर रोज़

Everyday – Har Din हर दिन
Every night  – Har Raat हर रात
Every morning – Har Subah हर सुबह
Every evening – Har Shaam हर शाम
Soon – Shighra शीघ्र
Yet – Abhi tak अभी तक
Continuously – Lagaatar लगातार
Continuously – Nirantar निरंतर
Immediately – Turant तुरंत
Immediately / Completely – Ekdum  एकदम
Immediately – Fauran फ़ौरन
Quickly – Jaldi Se जल्दी से
Quickly (faster jaldi se) – Jhatt Se झट से
Quickly (faster than jhatt se) – Fataak Se फाटक से
Again/Then – Fir फिर
Time (not clock time) – Baar बार
First time – Pahli Baar पहली बार
Second time – Dusri Baar दूसरी बार
Third time – Teesri Baar तीसरी बार
Every time – Har Baar हर बार
Time and again / Repeatedly – Baar Baar बार बार
Early morning – Sabere सबेरे
Late night – Der Raat देर रात
Previously – Pichhlee पिछली

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