My 10 Steps to Learn Hindi For Beginners from Basic to Advance

As you all know, I have been producing Hindi Learning Videos on YouTube . In this article “Learn Hindi for Beginners” I am going to guide you how you have to use my content if you are beginners level in learning Hindi Language. Before starting to learn Hindi , you should be sure why you want to learn and how you want to learn and what you want to learn. Hindi is very interesting language and same time very logical langauge. But it will take your time, motivation and dedication. There is no short cut Hindi learning method like you see in advertisment learn Hindi in 30 days. You will  be able to see the basic frame of learning Hindi, you may understand how it works but to learn Hindi very well and speak very fluently it definitely needs lots of time and effort in systematics way. If you learn it in logical way every day I bet you will be able to write, read and speak very well in 3- 4 months.

During that time you have to go through many things, my videos and podcasts are not only enough to boost Hindi, you needs lot more.  And I will be guiding you time to time , how we need to go together in your journey of learning Hindi. Feel free to interact with me & fellow learners. You can directly reach to me via CONTACT ME,  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest .10 steps to Learn Hindi for beginners

When we are in beginners level of Learning Hindi, we are always excited to surprise Hindi speaking people, Indians by using some phrases or sentences. And when you learn few phrases like – Namaste (Hello), How are you, Thank you in Hindi etc and speak them with your Hindi speaking friends, most of the time they surprise and they feel really good to hear that from you and you will definitely see some smile on your friends face. So, I alwyas suggest my friends to begin learning Hindi with some most used Hindi sentences.  And the same time you have to start learning Devanagari script, which is used to write Standard Hindi , grammar & vocabularies, and watching and listening tons of Hindi speaking videos.

Here is the the list of the thing you have to do to start your journey of Learning Hindi.

1. Finish Our Playlist – Most Used Hindi Phrases of Hindi, and start surprising your Indian Hindi speaking friends.

This playlist contains very basic and frequently used phrases of Hindi language. The lessons are designed in the way to learn Hindi through English. The videos I have tried to simply as much as I can. I am sure some of  videos will help you surprise your native Hindi speaking friends.

2.  Start Learning DevangariHindi Script side by side while watching Most Used Hindi Phrases.

If you want to learn Hindi there is no need to learn Devanagari Script. But if you want to speak correct Hindi with correct pronunciation then there is no option. You must have to learn Devanagari script if you want to read , prounce and write Hindi very well.  I have tried to prepare video lesson keeping in mind that this is Learn Hindi Beginners Lesson.  I will be happy to hear your feedback there.

learn hindi with anil mahato

3. Download Worksheet to Learn Devanagari Script . This will help you in recognizing and practicing Hindi alphabets from the beginners level. Your suggestion and feedbacks are very welcome to prepare more Hindi Learning & Practing Worksheet & Workbook.

4. Start Watching our Learn Hindi Interatively series. Personally I like this playlist but initial first 2-3 videos you may not like. These Hindi learning video tutorials are produced soley keeping in mind that this is for beginners level of hindi learners. You will learn a structure and you have to practice on the comment section making simialr sentence. More video you will watch more confidence you will get.

5. Every day Watch Learn Hindi Verbs (Most Used) . After finishing start learning  Everyday Hindi Vocabulary.

I recently started making these videos. They will help you increasing your very much requried vocabulaires from verbs to daily using articles name and you will also lots of examples to learn.

6. Start Learning Our Learn Hindi Grammar Basic to Advance .

This is little Advance level of learning Hindi. I have don’t have lots of tutorial in this section. But I am sure there are more than 30 video lesson which will give basic idea of forming Hindi sentences.

7. Once you beome able to form some basic sentences then Watch My – Smell in Hindi videos. (Soon going to publish)

The videos I have prepared in this section are some local phrase, slangs which is only spoken by native born speakers, these are some dialacts from different Hindi speaking regions. If you pronounce them in proper way, people will definitely surpise , how you knew it . These are some hardcore Hindi words. This is to impress next person that you really know Hindi in deeper level 😉

8.  Watch Songs & Movies Daily – If you have sufficient time, you should listen songs or watch songs on youtube and also watch movies. And while watching movies try to write down and memorize the words they are frequently using. If you know them , that’s great otherwise, come up with list of questions to ask . For quick reply of your Question – Post your quetion – Here ( Click to Post Question) . This is the fastest method to get your answer of Hindi question. I will personally answer them otherwise my fellow native Hindi speaker will reply them.

9.  Connect with Anil Mahato & Use Social Media. This point may be stupid , but you must do that if you are serious in Learning Hindi.  You must subscribe my YouTube Channel and this blog to get updates of regular Hindi lesson. Almost every single day you will get updates of Hindi learning Video, Audio/mp3, articles podcast.

After that you have to make some Hindi speaking friends using social media like – Facebook, YouTube, Interpal etc.  Iwill be guiding you through that later.

10. Be Confident – I put this point at last but is the msot important step you will ever make in your journey to learn Hindi. Whatever you learn never ever hesitate to practice them yourself, with fellow learner and with experts in speaking Hindi. Never ever think that I am just a beginners in learning Hindi, it will surely take sometime to learn Hindi , I can’t speak right now, what if I make some mistakes,  Iwill be so embarrassed and many other bla bla .. seriously my friend, never think and do it. Just break the rules and speak Hindi. I was very shy guy when I was learning Hindi and I neve became able to speak English until I was shy and did not break my rule of being shy and thinking myself I am just a beginner. Remeber we all start miles of walk with first step, so yes we were beginners but not anymore. Once you learn Namaste , use it .. once you learn – Kya Haal Hai ? ( how are you ?) use it … Just be confident and speak Hindi fluently and share your story in www(.)AnilMahato(.)com.


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