Indian Chana Masala Recipe – Spicy, Tasty & Healthy Snack

Indian Chana Masala Recipe – Spicy Chickpeas  are very healthy, energetic,  &  tasty snacks. This food is famous all over the India. People eat Chana Masala  during evening breakfast while some also love to eat in morning breakfast. There are so many Indian Chana Masala Recipes like sprouted, boiled, un-boiled, spicy, non-spicy etc. Generally you will see two types of Chana Masala – Boiled & without boiled.

indian chana masala

English word Chickpeas or Gram in Hindi are called Chana (चना). From the health prospect, this is considered very nutritious specially energetic and pretentious . You can guess, how horses are so strong, they are always fed Chickpeas in India.

Ingredients to Make Indian Chana Masala

1.  One cup of Chickpeas (Chana).

2. Finely chopped 2 Onion

3. Chopped 2 -4 green Chilies

4. Finely chopped one Tomato

5. Half Cucumber finely chopped

6.  One Lemon

7. Chana Masala Powder & Salt Powder

Indian Chana Masala Recipe
Chickpeas (Chana)

How to Make Indian Chana Masala (Recipe)

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1.  Take One cup of Chickpeas in one pot and soak them in water for 5-8 hours. If you don’t have time for soaking them in water, don’t worry you can boil them for longer time later.

2. After full swelling of chickpeas put those in pressure cooker to boil and make one whistle but if you have not soaked them before then you have to go with 8-9 whistles on pressure cooker. If you don’t have pressure cooker you can boil in other pots till it ripped well.

3. Take them out of pressure cooker and put it on a big bowl.

4. Pour all the chopped ingredients prepared above – chopped onion, tomato, coriander, cucumber, radish etc.

5. Put the salt as per your taste.

6. Spred about 1 and half spoon of Chana Masala Powder.

7. Mix all the things very well.

Your Indian Chana Masala is ready to eat. Yummy !!!

I think it  better to know some very good health benefits of eating this Indian Chana Masala .

Health Benefits of Chana Masala ( Chickpeas)

– They are excellent source of fibre, protein, manganese . This contains almost double the amount of protein than cereals grains.

– Reduction of Cholestrol in body.

– Chick peas helps in diabetes prevention by dyslipidaemia (when the concentration of cholesterol or lipids in the blood exceeds normal limits).

– Reduce the possibilities of getting coronary heart disease  if consumped regular.

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