Learn Hindi Vocabulary

Learn Hindi Vocabulary
Learn Hindi Vocabulary

Vocabularies in Hindi language are just like the flowers of a garland , more flowers you have more lengthier garland you can make. You must learn Hindi vocabulary as much as you can if you really wish to speak fluent Hindi. The words in Hindi language are made up of different sources. Some are pure hindi words , some are brought from Sankrit, Urdu, English , Farsi, Arabic etc.

As we are beginning to learn Hindi vocabulary , so we will start with basic words of this language, mostly used words like home articles, goods, body parts, verbs , nouns etc.

learn hindi with anil mahato

As we are learning Hindi through English language, therefore, pronunciation of the words we will learn will be little different than it is pronounced in English language. I suggest you to listen my voice and try to speak like me so that you will sound the words more like native Hindi speakers.

Let’s start our journey of learning Hindi vocabularies :

1. Learn Hindi Vocabulary- 65 Family & Relationsships  Hindi Words /Names

2. Learn Hindi Vocabulary – 81 Body Parts Name in Hindi

3. Learn Hindi Vocabulary – 100 Household Articles Names in Hindi

4. Learn Hindi Most Used Verb List

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