5 Mumbai Local Metro Trains YouTube Videos You Must Watch

Recently I visited Mumbai. And biggest surprise for me was it’s incredible sub urban local metro trains. So I get inspired to make this post. Here I am now sharing one post, all based on my real life experience with Mumbai’s local metro train. For many western people it can be surprising and never expected things.

For sure, Britain’s biggest gift to India is Indian Railways. I am sure,  you already know that India’s has world’s densest Train network, and 2nd biggest population of the world. India contribute 18 % to the world’s population 🙁 , every 6th baby born is Indian. On top of all, Mumbai is India’s most densely populated city with index of 20,694/Km2 (53,600/Sq mi) by 2011.  So, it has been pretty tough job for government to manage this huge population. Here I am sharing 5 videos of Mumbai local sub-urban train you should watch so that you can think about people’s everyday life.  Mumbai has recently come with Mumbai Mono Rail much luxurious than local metro train which is running only in few places now.

1. How to get into Mumbai Local Metro train ?

This video will show you how crowded metro stations are and how people fight to get into it. Its very common people pushing, pulling, stepping in your foot, exchanging good smelling 😛 , may be disease bearing sweats  , I head even people will pinch you by knowing to push you down or pull you down or just to clear the way. So, its very important for you mentally to prepare yourself before visiting Mumbai and Mumbai’s famous local metro train.

2.  Death/ Fatal Accidents & Man falling from Running Mumbai Local Metro Train

To many people it can be very surprising but for Mumbai people its very common thing man falling from running train. The densely crowded people inside can push loosely or even tightly holding hanging passengers.

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Lesson – Never hang on Mumbai Train

P.S. – Man falling is at end of the video.

3.  Live Circus by Local Kids on Mumbai Metro

It can be one of the shocking view for most western people, local guys doing life risking dangerous stunts on Mumbai local metro train.  You will hear many news about story of Mumbai’s sub urban local metro train- accidents are very common part of it.

4. People Travelling on Roof, By Hanging on Window, Gate, Filling every possible Empty Places 

Yeah, another common thing and may be surprising for western people, Passengers also travels in roof of the train and remember, many time high voltage current is passing over their head. People cover every space left inside or outside of the Mumbai’s metro train. For your information, this scene is not only found in metro but also all over  the India in Indian Railways.

5. Mumbai Local Metro has its own Taste

No matter of how crowded, how dense, how difficult and how painful the everyday journey Mumbai people suffer through, but one nice thing is they are used to it, and they love it, and it has got a life. People are smiling with in it. I loved Mumbai local train journey.  Thanks to Andrew for inviting me to visit Mumbai.

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