Soon, in next Hindi lessons, we are going to start possessive pronoun. To learn them we need to learn few plural pronouns. So, I decided to teach you to use two plural pronouns – These and Those in Hindi.

We have already studied This & That. So, its going to be very easy to study these and those in Hindi and make various sentences which includes these two words. There are various forms in grammar for These & Those depending on the place used and some conditions. Here I am going to start with very basic level of learning These & Those in Hindi.

Learn These and those in Hindi

This – Yah यह also Ye ये is used these days.

These – Ye ये

That – Vah वह also Vo वो  is used these days.

Those – Ve वे

Let’s learn from example.

These in HINDI

These are book.  – Ye Kitaaben Hain. ये किताबें हैं |

These are girls – Ye Ladkiyan Hain. ये लड़कियां हैं |

These are boys – Ye Ladke Hain. ये लड़के हैं |

These are good – Ye Achchhe Hain. ये अच्छे हैं |

These are bad – Ye Kharaab Hain. ये खराब हैं |

These are ____ – Ye ____ Hain. ये ______ हैं  |

Those in HINDI

Those are books – Ve Kitaaben Hain. वे किताबें हैं |

Those are girls – Ve Ladkiyan Hain. वे लड़कियां हैं |

learn hindi with anil mahato

Those are good – Ve Achchhe Hain. वे अच्छे हैं |

These are bad – Ve Kharaab Hain वे खराब हैं |

These are ____ – Ye ____ Hain. वे ______ हैं  | 

These are good but those are bad.

Ye Achchhe Hain Magar Vo Kharab Hain.

ये      अच्छे         हैं       मगर     वो      ख़राब      हैं |

OPTION : And as Hain (हैं) is repeating twice in above sentence you can remove Hain (हैं) from 2nd sentence .

Ye Sabjiyaan Hain Magar Ve Phal.

ये सब्जियां हैं मगर वो फल |

These are vegetables and those are fruits.

Ye Sabjiyaan Hain aur vo Phal Hain.

ये       सब्जियां     हैं       और  वे    फल    हैं |

OPTION : And as Hain (हैं) is repeating twice in above sentence you can remove Hain (हैं) from 2nd sentence .

Ye Sabjiyaan Hain aur vo Phal.

ये सब्जियां हैं और वे फल |

Now, Let’s do some exercise and practice the concept we learnt to make THESE AND THOSE sentences in Hindi.

1. These are nice.         Those are nice.

2. These are pumpkins . Those are oranges.

3. These are pumpkins but those are oranges.

4. These are pumpkins and those are oranges.

5. These are good vegetables. Those are bad vegetables.

6. These are good vegetables but those are bad vegetables.

7. These are my friends but those are my enemies.

8. These are my daughters and those are my sons.

New  Hindi Words Required  & Remember them for Other Hindi Lessons

1. Pumpkin(s) – Kaddu कद्दू          2. Oranges – Santare संतरे                  3. vegetables – Sabjiyaan  सब्जियां

4. friends – dost  दोस्त                    5. Enemies – Dushman  दुश्मन               6. Daughters – Betiyan बेटियां

7. Sons – Beten (बेटें)

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