Learn Hindi Exercises – Free Online Hindi Test -1

Learn Hindi Exercises – Test 1

Learn Hindi ExercisesWatching conceptual videos, practicing the concepts and trying implement them in daily Hindi speaking is one of best way to learn this language. Learn Hindi exercise. So, I have decided to prepares Learn Hindi Exercises, some kind of test for you guys every day. You will come to learn so many new vocabularies along with the grammatical rules of Hindi language. But one suggestion, always keep full  on conceptual videos because I can raise questions from anywhere.  If you have already watched the  Interactive Hindi Lesson 1. 

I believe this method to learn Hindi language will work very nicely. Please share your opinion after the test along with the result of this Hindi exercise. I would love to hear how this Learn Hindi exercises are helping you. I would love more to see your suggestion to make it more interactive and highly successful.

learn hindi with anil mahato

This is the first test I have prepared, if there is any lack  in quality presentation, excuse me. This Online Hindi test carries 10 question. All questions asked are multiple choice question, you have to select the most correct answer. Every question is mandatory to attempt. Every correct answer will credit you 2 marks. I have not given time limit for the test because we are at beginning phase of Learn Hindi Exercises, later it you will have limited time to solve them. At the end of the test , if you found any mistake or any technical bug or any question for me, then please feel free to contact Me – FacebookTwitter 

Full Marks – 20

Passing Marks – 10

Number of Questions – 10 

[WATU 2]

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