Learn Hindi Online Interactively – Lesson 1

Interactive Hindi Learning 1
Interactive Hindi Learning 1

Welcome to the very first lesson on Learn Hindi Interactively. This is the first presentation I have made on this Interactive series, so this is considerable not better video compare to my following videos. But still I assume, this video will give you some ideas on using Hindi adjectives in a sentence.As you show in the video above, we are going to talk about two Hindi words – Poor & Rich and their different uses in daily Hindi speaking.

Let’s first learn the words in Hindi :

Rich  – Ameer  अमीर , Rich (plural) – Ameeron (अमीरों)

Poor – Gareeb  गरीब , Poor (plural) – Gareebon (गरीबों)

Just to inform you, Rich & Poor are also common nouns in English language. So, if you want to make plural any Hindi noun words, then there are certain rules we need to follow. I will talk about that later. But this time, I want you to just remember the plural form of Rich & Poor in Hindi.

Uses of Adjectives ( Gareeb & Ameer)

1. Before Verb

Subject + …adjective/noun… + verb.

Sunil  +  Gareeb + Hai. (Present Indefinite Tense)

Sunil Gareeb Hai.(Sunil is Poor)

सुनील  गरीब    है|

Main Ameer Hoon (I am rich).

मैं      अमीर      हूँ |

Tum Ameer Ho. (You are rich).

तुम    अमीर    हो|

Note- If any sentence end with Hai, Ho, Hain, then it means the sentence is in present tense.

learn hindi with anil mahato

Past Indefinite Tense

To make past indefinite tense( tense we will learn later), you have to add –

Tha – for I, He, any Name (Intimate)

Thee – for female subject

The -for plural subject and respective masculine subjects like father, uncle, teacher etc.

Main Gareeb Tha. (I was poor)

मैं      गरीब      था |

Sharmila gareeb thee. (Sharmila was poor.)

शर्मीला     गरीब      थी |

Future Indefinite Tense

nGaa – for I, He, any Name (Intimate)

neGee -for female subject

nGe -for plural subject and respective masculine subjects like father, uncle, teacher etc.

noGe – for you ( friendly)

Main Ameer Banunga.(I will become)

मैं      अमीर      बनूँगा |

Tum Ameer Banoge.(you will become rich)

तुम    अमीर    बनोगे |

Vo Ameer Banega.(He will become rich)

वो   अमीर    बनेगा |

2. Making Negative

Subject + …adjective/noun.. + Nahi + Verb.

Main     +             Gareeb        + Nahi  +   Hoon.

Main Gareeb Nahi Hoon.( I am not poor)

मैं       गरीब     नहीं      हूँ|

Main Ameer Hoon, Gareeb Nahin. (  I am rich not poor.)

मैं       अमीर       हूँ,    गरीब      नहीं |

it is always better to do practice after watching Learn Hindi Interactive Lesson  every time. Let’s do some exercise based on the concept we learnt in above explanation.

Click HERE for Practice & Exercise

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