Learn to Write in Hindi-Beginners to Pro (Complete Guide with Videos)

Learn to Write Hindi Lesson. One of the most important step to learn Hindi is first learning to write in Hindi. It is very important to be able to read and write in Hindi Devanagari Script , if you want to speak Hindi like native speakers and do communication with them in the deeper level.  Devanagari Hindi Written words, phrases or sentences is only the way to pronounce Hindi in very correct way. These days you will find many websites teaching Hindi online through English, but my dear friends, believe you will never learn perfect pronunciation only by reading English script.

Write in HindiSo, let’s learn to write in Hindi and then learn to read in Hindi leading to pronounce and speak like native Hindi speakers. Same time I want you to watch videos, films , audi clips etc speaking Hindi  and see their lipsing for better pronunciation result. But here I want to make your professional in writing Hindi.

I have created many Hindi video lessons teaching how to write in Hindi. Here I am going to going guide you how to use those videos in systematic order. And same time I will introduce you through many things which you really need as tools to learn to write in Hindi language.

Hindi alphabets are slightely different than Sankrit. Indian Grammarians are are not unanimous in their views as to the number of the letters. So, I will go to practical application at present time and I will guide you step by step to make able to write in Hindi.

First I want to tell you 5 most important things that you will go through in the process of learning to write in Hindi from beginner to pro.

1. Learn Vowels Letters to read & write.

2. Learn Consonant Letters to read & write.

3. Learn Barakhadi (somehow  like English Syllable)

4. Learn Hindi Symbol & Rules to Use them

5. Start writing simple to complex words leading to writing sentences. You are done !

During this all these time, you need to exercise writing and reading so much for that you go to our Downloads section and download all workbook and audio lessons on How to Write Hindi, including Devanagari audio lesson.

So, let’s begin our journy to learn to write in Hindi Devanagari Script.

1. Vowel Letters.

There are basically 11 vowels sounds in Hindi language but here I am trying to make system of writing easier so, I am going with 13 letters. You might be surprised here what ? 11 vowels and you are adding extra 2 instead of reducing. Well there are 1 nasal & other “H” added sound which we do not consider as vowel sounds but we have to learn that in symbol & rules section, so it is better if we learn them with vowels.

See how alien looking vowels Hindi language have 😛

1. A – अ  pronounce like in Shut, Hut

2. Aa – आ  pronounce like in Bar, Car

3. I – इ  Pronounce like in Hit, Sit

4. Ee – ई  Pronounce like in Seat, Meet

5. U – उ Pronounce like in Put, Full

6. Oo –  ऊ Pronounce like in Fool, Cool, Pool

7. Ri – ऋ Prounce like in Grip, Trip

8. E – ए Pronounce like in Tape, Hate, Rape

9. Ai – ए Pronouce like in Tap, Hat

10. O – ओ Pronounce like in Coal, Pole, Oral

11. Au – औ Pronounce like in Caught, Hot

Let’s add two more :

12. An – अं pronounce in Uncle

12. Ah – अ: Pronounce like in halooo is revered oolah , that “H” sound at last (Visarg in Hindi)

To make it easier, watch these following videos, I have prepared only for people who are dedicated to learn to write in Hndi 😉 😛

2. Learn to Write Consonant Alphabets of Hindi

There are 35 consonant alphabet letters in Hindi language. But I am going to teach you here 39 Letters. Again you might be wondering again Anil , how 4 extra lettres ? Ha ha , of course your question very obvious , but there are some conjuct letters which will be easier if we learn to write them with Hindi consonants.

learn hindi with anil mahato

When we learn Hindi Consonant Letters , I generally love to learn in a order of :

Non Aspirate Aspirate Non- Aspirate Aspirate Nasal Pronunciation
Ka Kha Ga Gha Ng ङ Velars
Cha Chha Ja Jha Yn Prepalatals
Ta Tha Da Dha Na Palatals/Retroflexes
Ta Tha Da Dha Na Dentals
Pa Pha Ba Bha Ma Labials
Ya Ra La Wa Semi – Vowel
Sha Sha Sa Sibilants
Ha   Glottal
KSha क्ष (क + ष)   Conjunct
Tra त्र (त + र )  
Gy ज्ञ (ज +  

To Learn these consonant letter I have made detailed videos for every single consonant, we will discuss them later one by one word at the time of pronunciation.

Now to learn in frame , I will be teaching you to write 5 letters in each video.

Here are some additional letters you need to learn :

learn to write hindi additional letters

Now you might have watched those all videos or you may have watch them in sneak peak , just some clips , but let me tell your my dear friend, if you are learning Hindi as a second language after your mother tongue, then please do not jump until you finish one. First learn one by one letter of vowels to read & write like native speaker then start consonant letters in the same way. It may take few days, you can download our workbook to practice to write in Hindi . [Click Here to Download].

Once you are perfect in Hindi vowel letters and consonant letters now you need to jump to next level to write in Hindi which is Barakhadi. Barakhadi are just like syllables of English language. In this case, one cosonant letter will combine with all vowel sounds and will produce totally different sounds. We say adding Matraa (मात्रा ).

Let me give you some example :

Let’s take K क) consonant letter, this is in root form. Now we will suffix with vowel letters. Put your concentration at high level because if you learn one you can do same with rest all consonant Hindi letters.

Root Consonant Letter + Vowel Letter = Complete Sound

Learn Hindi Barakhadi

K    + A = Ka

क +  अ = क

K + Aa = Kaa

क  + आ = का

K + I = KI

क + इ = कि

K + EE = KEE

क + ई = की

K + U = KU

क + उ = कु

K + OO = KOO

क + ऊ  = कू

K + RI = KRI

क + ऋ = कृ

K + E = KE

क + ए = के

K + AI = KAI

क + ऐ =  कै

K + O = KO

क + ओ = को

K + AU = KAU

क + औ = कौ

K + AN = KAN

क + अं = कं

K + AH = KAH

क + अ :  = क :

Now watch the following videos to write in Hindi – Barakhadi of Hindi language one by one and learn the pattern.

In this pattern you have to learn all the Barakhadi for the consonant then we will move to next step of learning to write in Hindi.


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