Learn Hindi Language Tutorial Interactively – Lesson 2

Learn Hindi Language Interactively 2

Learn Hindi Language
Interactive Hindi Lesson 2

In this Learn Hindi Language Interactively Lesson 2, we are going to learn to express our likes and dislikes. Suppose you like to play , or to sing or to watch movie or to sleep,then how are you going to say that in Hindi. These topics we will discuss in our today’s Hindi lesson.

At first, let’s go to the words meaning.

Like – Pasand (पसंद ),

To Like – Pasand Karna ( पसंद आना )

Dislike – NaPasand(ना पसंद ) ,

To Dislike – Pasand Naa Karna ( पसंद ना करना  )

So, lets get to the basic structure.

I  like _________.

Mujhe _____________ Pasand Hai.

मुझे _______________ पसंद     है |

Example 1

I like Hindi

Mujhe Hindi Pasand Hai.

मुझे      हिंदी    पसंद     है |

As in the structure you see, there is a blank space, you have to just add the thing or verb you like or you like to do. That’s it and sentence get completed. You can see how I added word called Hindi in the middle , which makes the meaning of whole sentence – I like Hindi.

Let’s take a look on one more example so it will make our learn Hindi language easier.

I like to dance.

Mujhe Naachna Pasand Hai.

मुझे      नाचना      पसंद      है |

Now , Let’s move little further & make Learn Hindi Interactively a little spicy.

I like ___________________ very much.

Mujhe __________________ Bahut Pasand Hai.

मुझे     __________________  बहुत     पसंद      है |

so, here I added one word called Bahut (बहुत), which means “very” in English language. So, the sentence means now I like _something_ very much.

Example 3

I like kids very much.

Mujhe Bachche Bahut Pasand Hai.

मुझे       बच्चे       बहुत     पसंद     है |

My dear friends , let’s stress more on our like. I mean to say you like something or to do something very very much.

I like _______________ very very much.

Mujhe ______________ Bahut Hee Pasand Hai.

learn hindi with anil mahato

मुझे     ______________ बहुत     ही       पसंद   है |

Here, I added a word after Bahut “Hee(ही)”  which has got literally no meaning but it stress the point you are trying to say. It emphasize your expression. So, above sentence means that you like something really so much. You can use this “Hee” word anywhere you want to emphasize something, remember this in your entire journey to Learn Hindi Language.

Example 4

I like to sing very very much.

Mujhe Gaana Bahut Hee Pasand Hai

मुझे     गाना      बहुत    ही     पसंद     है |

I believe this podcast is helping you to learn Hindi language. Now I want you to express your like in ultimate level. Imagine you are obsessed of something like a crazy person. Then you have to use following sentence:

I like ___________ too much.

Mujhe __________ Bahut Hee Jyaada Pasand Hai.

मुझे ____________  बहुत    ही    ज्यादा      पसंद    है | 

Here, I added one word , Jyaada, which literally means – more. But when you add along with Bahut Hee Jyaada, it shows you like that in extreme level- just like somebody likes ice cream in extreme level.

Example 5

I like chocolates too much.

Mujhe Chocolate Bahut Hee Jyaada Pasand Hai.

मुझे        चॉकलेट      बहुत   ही    ज्यादा     पसंद     है |

Now, If you are crazy to learn Hindi language then let me teach you one super extreme level. When you are obsessed  of something beyond any limit. You like that super too much. Then in that case you have to use following structure.

I like __________________ more than  any limit .(like – most in the world, no limit can stop you)

Mujhe ____________ Hadd Se Jyaada Pasand Hai.

मुझे  _____________   हद्द     से  ज्यादा    पसंद      है |

Here, Hadd means limit, and hadd se jyaada means more than that limit. So, the meaning goes like you like that particular thing or activity beyond any limit.

I like Hindi films more than any limit.( toooooooooooooooooooo much)

Mujhe Hindi Film  Hadd Se Jyaada Pasand Hai.

मुझे      हिंदी  फिल्म  हद्द    से   ज्यादा     पसंद      है |

I believe this tutorial was very helpful for you to express you to learn Hindi language, and I wish you all the best. I would love to hear your feedback in the comment section. And I believe that sharing is caring. Please, help me spreading this blog by sharing this article in Facebook, twitter, pinterest and social media.

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