How to say How Lovely in Hindi – Learn Hindi Lesson 9

Welcome to the 9th presentation of learning most used Hindi Phrases. In the previous lesson, we learnt to say – how dare he/she ? . Now we are going to learn to express our feeling like – How lovely ! in Hindi.

The word for Love in hindi is Pyaar (प्यार), so, lovely is Pyaaree(प्यारी) or Pyaara(प्यारा).

Pyaree(प्यारी) is used to describe feminine word while Pyare (प्यारे) is used for masculine words.

So, to say , how lovely …feminine word… = Kitnee Pyaaree (कितनी प्यारी) …….

How lovely …. masculine word … = Kitna Pyaara (कितना प्यारा)  …………

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One more thing you need to learn is Kitne Pyare (कितने प्यारे), this is a respectful form used for masculine subjects like guru, father, teacher, principal etc. And also, this is used for representing plural subject.

Let’s take some examples :

Kitna Pyaara Bachchha ! – how lovely baby ( male baby) ( Masculine case )

Kitnee Pyaaree Bachchee ! – how lovely baby ( female babe ) ( Feminine case )

Kitne pyaare pitaa jee !  – how lovely father  ( Respective case )

Kitne pyaare Bachche – how lovely kids ! (Plural subject case )

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