Transgenders Group (Hijras) Taught Unforgettable Lesson to Indians

I am not a strong Hindu devotee, neither I am trying to promote  Hinduism in this post. But I am here going to talk about a incident recently took place in Mumbai, India. A group of transgenders in slapped tight the negligent behaviors of Indian people.

Unlike other communities, transgenders (Hijras) in Hinduism are very much appreciated. We Hindu believe there blessings works. We never try to make them unhappy in anyway and always want good blessings for us from their mouth. It’s because of our Hindu religion. In our Hindi religion, there are so many stories about transgenders, gay, lesbians. In fact few god & goddess including very famous Lord Shiva has one such morph of being Transgender, often called – Ardhnareshara/Ardhanari ( Half Man, Half Woman). You will find such often people dressed in half man and half woman dress in various Hindu festivals.

Left : a Transgender(Hijra) Traffic Messanger
Right : Ardhnarishwara/ Ardhnari (a Hindu God/Goddess)

I don’t know how much truth those stories are. I told you based on what I see everyday, what I have learnt as grown in Hindu family & reading various Hinduism books & Vedas (modern archaeological & historians study predict to be written around 1500-1200 BCE ). Click to learn more about Ardhnarishwara in Wikipedia

learn hindi with anil mahato
Ardhnarishwara Ancient Sculture Preserved at  Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, India
Ardhnarishwara Ancient Sculpture Preserved at Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, India


So, from such god touched people, traffic rules were taught in the street of Mumbai. Government, information administrations all are tired of teaching to follow traffic rules, but many we Indians never pay any attention to traffic rules, signals. So, from mouth of transgenders, one attempt was made, its worth watching. You will get some religious, cultural as well as their lifestyle knowledge in India from this video.

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