This is Why I Can't Bathroom Anytime in INDIA During Summer

Yesterday I made a post regarding Delhi’s temperature during summer and difficulties we are facing. And my one friend, asked me why it’s difficult to bathroom anytime during summer in India in the cities like Delhi which get extremely hot. So, I can say this is a reply podcast 😀

In India, we have a system of putting water tanks that we use for daily activities are on terrace. We store in tanks which get full exposure on super hit sun rays. As many of you might be knowing, Delhi’s temperature during goes up to 48C (117F), which is unbearable. On top of everything, the sun get’s matured very quickly during summer. You will sun very strong even at 7 am in the morning. And by 8:00AM – 9:00AM, it gets matured and gives full heat on Delhi. Now that strong heat waves start warming water and by 1PM they are like boiled water, which you cannot use on your soft skin. It burns. As you know water takes a long time to get cold as well as get heated. Even around 11PM the water is still hot.

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Indian Bathroom Cleaning System
Indian Bathroom Cleaning System

Now, the question is why can’t I bathroom? Well, Indian system is using water force to clean our Bu**. As you already know our anal part are soft and sensitive , when hot burning water splashes forcefully on it , you can’t resist the heat, you shout and cry.

This is the reason; I can’t bathroom during summer anytime in INDIA. I guess it’s not only India, many countries which have this extreme temperature system, might be getting such problem. Is there any better system to fight against it in affordable price? Do you have any ideas? Let me know in the comment section below. May be we need to do little engineering while making building keeping water tanks in a shadows. We could probably make a small house in terrace instead of keeping it open.


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