Spiritual Journey to India – Temple Inside the Cave of a Hill (Dehradun India)

There are over dozen very famous temples & Buddhist Monasteries  in the city of Dehradun, India like Tapkeshwar Mahadev temple, Laxman Siddh pitth temple, Shiva Temple etc . Dehradun is situated in northern part of India, in the state of Uttarakhand. In this post I am going to share a Vaishnodevi temple which is inside the cave in a hill opposite to main temple, Tapkeshwar Mahadev temple, which is also inside the cave.When you will visit Tapkeshwar temple of Dehradun, you will visit this cave temple of Vaishono Devi as extra bonus.

Tapkeshwar Temple Dehradun
While entering inside the cave

How to Reach this cave temple of Goddess Vaishno Devi ?
As I already said, this temple is inside Tapkeshwar temple , which is very famous in India, but probably Vaishno Devi temple of it was not so explored. But I found it cool. To reach here, take Dehradun city bus, it will charge you INR 13 (.20 US$) from bus stand. Ask anyone how to reach here. Anybody will guide you as Tapkeshwar is famous not only in Dehradun but also in Uttarakhand.

Bus do not go till temple. They will leave you about 1.5-2 KM away from temple premises. You will have to walk till temple. You will see beautiful houses by your both side of the road leading to temple.

Where is temple located in Tapkeshwar Temple Area ?

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Tauns River flowing in the temple premises. Due to flood, water is dirty but other time its clean , people even take bath and offer holy things and remaining item of pray.

It is situated about 6 KM away from Ghanta ghar ( clock tower), main city of Dehradun. The holy river which flows by touching the lord Mahadev Temple is Tauns which is much talked in stories. Opposite to Tapkeshwar temple, there is a small hill and many other gods & goddesses statues. This is one of them.


Who can visit this temple ?
Everybody. No matter of religion, sex, race and from where you belong, you can visit this temple and feel the spirit inside you & do worship.

Is photography allowed inside the cave Temple ?
Yes, photography is allowed, but please do not make any noise or sound inside, except chanting mantra.

How to do worship ?

When you will be outside the temple, you will have to buy all worship items. There are many seller selling the complete kit. But do not finish all items as there are many temples inside the Tapkeshwar temple. Keep some of them to worship inside this Vaishno Devi cave temple.

P.S. – There will be on priest to help you with your worship. But he speaks Hindi, remember it 😉

What if I finish all the worship items before ?

Don’t worry, you can simply pray goddesses and take wishes. You can put some money in donation box put right there.

I was visiting alone this temple, so I couldn’t film on how to do worship and all, but tried to cover some footage for you. Take a look on the video I made while entering inside the cave.

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