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Namaskar Mere Pyare Dost (Hello, my dear friend)

नमस्कार       मेरे     प्यारे   दोस्त |

Thank you so much for visiting our Hindi Learning Family. In this website, we are trying to make learn Hindi easy. We also talk about India, Indian culture, tradition, dress, foods, Bollywood and so on about Indian and south-east Asian countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc.

We will be very happy to hear your words in our website. You can write and share your stories with our community anything you want like –

learn hindi with anil mahato
  1. Why are you learning Hindi language ?
  2. Why do you like about India / Bollywood ?
  3. Your Love story
  4. What is your thinking about India and other south asian countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.
  5. Your journey of Learning Hindi.
  6. Your plan of visiting India and wishes to do here..
  7. You can share your favorite Bollywood songs, film , various Hindi songs, Poem, pictures with us.
  8. You can share anything you want with us, we are very excited to hear them & we will love  to interact with you.

You will make us double happy if you can also share with us about your country, culture, tradition, visiting places, language ( at least few  basic phrases & sentences). We understand, at once, it can be overwhelming for you. But day by day, you can show your country and culture to us. We all  here are very travel, culture, tradition loving people in this community. We love to talk & share about countries & their tradition.

If you want to share , please, contact here – We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Note– If you are already a member of this website, you will be upgraded to an AUTHOR/CONTRIBUTOR & if you are new to this website, you can register yourself & start posting and sharing with fellow Hindians !!

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