Robber's Cave Dehradun (Guchhupani) Adventure Video & Guides Complete Escape)

Robber’s cave, commonly famous among local people by the name of Guchhupani (गुच्छुपानी) is a very wonderful place for adventure & exploration lovers. This is river inside the cave formed about 9 Km away from Dehradun city of Uttarakhand state of India. This is very famous among tourist in summer time but in rainy water level increases so, it becomes more interesting and adventures, less people go inside even in summer as its scary, dark and so many places has got water rapids. You don’t really know where how much deep water is. Here is my last adventures visit to Robber’s cave ( Guchhupani), which I made in July 16, 2014.  It was rainy season, but not extreme rainy that it has got flood. Thanks to god for that wonderful day.

Make your bowl full of pop corn and watch my incredible adventure video. It about 15 min long, so don’t skip the video, as time increases , you will have more fun.

What to visit in Robber’s cave ?

Well, it totally depends on you, most of the people just go about 30 meter inside and take pictures and videos and return. 20 % people, I saw going till waterfall which is between 100- 15- meter inside . I saw only boys achieving till there. And some adventures guys make till maggie point, noodle eating point which is operated during summer, as water level is so low and people can easily come till here.

If you move further, but you can’t go from down water side, you have to climb over rocks , you will see a big broken wall, its left over of ancient fort , which used to there.

Follow the canal , you will see many beautiful places, scary & dangerous rapids places as you already saw in video above.

After completing your adventure, you relax by sleeping in the river stream or eating in the river restaurant.

learn hindi with anil mahato
Outside of Robber’s Cave – River Restaurant


How to Reach Robber’s cave ?

From parade ground Dehradun city, you will find so many local buses as well as tuk tuk heading to Guchhupani ( Robber’s cave).
The bus fare will be around INR 10.


After getting down in the bus stand of Guchhupani, robbers cave Dehradun, you have to get downward by the road on your left side. Everywhere you will find proper sign board following it, you can easily reach Robbers cave. If you find any difficulty you can ask people you meet in the way. Generally, there people speak Hindi and also Nepali,  as those regions are lost by Gorkha (Nepali) army while fighting with British. Only, few people speak English. So, I will suggest you to learn basic travel Hindi.

What is the ticket price for national as well as international tourist ?
For everyone, the ticket price is INR 20 (0.33 US$)

Sign board for Guchhupani Robbers cave dehradun
Ticket Counter of Robber’s Cave, Dehradun

Where should we put our bags and other goods while adventuring inside ?
Near the entry of the Robber’s cave, there are small shops which keeps lockers, charging you INR 30 (0.50 $)

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