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Recently I released my 7th episode video of Life in India, which I release every Saturday on my YouTube Channel. I was going to only share my videos with my beautiful friends around the video, then later I found I have a lot more to express, then I thought to share more with this article. Before we start I would like you to watch this 7th episode dedicated to Kuldhara, about which we are going to discuss today.

So, I’m sure now your mind might have become very thoughtful. Yes, I studied more and more about Kuldhara available on the Internet. I will just say stay away from most of the TV Media, they have made it famous as Haunted Place or Ghost Place and many more ferocious and captivating words they used and garnished it in their documentary videos, including some national TV, so please stay away from them and rather watch localists filmed YouTube videos and read from books.

So, is it really the haunted place ?

Bunker found at kuldhara village - ancient abandoned place of india

No, it’s not at all. This is an absolute myth. This is all created to create Hauwa ( a typical Hindi word like Sugaring).. If you ever visit the place then talk to the local guard who has been observing this Kuldhara from last many decades. Visit early before he dies 😛 He is old now. His name is Sumaram.

What is the real story behind this place ? Anything from local people ?

cart found at kuldhara village of rajasthan of paliwal brahminsThere are many many stories associated with it. Even local people can vary a bit. As per the local guard :

learn hindi with anil mahato

Shalim Singh was Deewan (tax collector) from very lower caste but powerful. As you already know Kuldhara along with other 83 villages near by were all inhabited by Paliwal Brahmins. Brahmins are the highest caste in Hinduism. Shalim Singh neither was from a Rajput family (Kshatriya, warrior family). Once he visited to Kuldhara and he saw a beautiful 12-13 year girl and he felt so much for him and decided to marry him. Remember still in different parts of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and many other states of India, child marriage is celebrated, though its illegal now. But the girl was from Brahmin family, so there was no chance Paliwal family will say yes for the marriage. So, he talked to the community but they denied it. Paliwal community said that Shalim, now you are the big person, powerful but still your cast is small, we can’t give our daughter to you.

remains of kuldhara village now

Shalim stood on his decision, he also said, if not now then when she will get older he will come again and marry her, but only with her. Paliwal felt very bad. Paliwal asked for 10 days to discuss this matter with all other 83 Paliwal villages spread around it. From each village people gathered and decided not to give the daughter to him, instead they altogether 84 villages decided to abandon the place over a night.”

This is a good reason why all the villages around are abandoned not just Kuldhara. Kuldhara was one big village than others and was a centre community for Paliwal. One can still find place where they used to all sit and do village panchayat ( discussions)

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this place, I would love to talk with you guys in the comment section.

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