LEARN HINDI STEP BY STEP 13- Possessive Pronouns in Hindi (MINE, YOUR)

Welcome to the 11th lesson of LEARN HINDI STEP BY STEP. This lesson will teach you some Hindi Possessive Pronouns. We will learn all Hindi possessive pronouns one by one. Here we will focus on two major pronouns – Mine & Yours.As always before heading to lesson, let me remind you not to forget to do exercise in the comment section below this tutorial. This will help you memorize and practice the concept that you will be learning in this Hindi Possessive Pronouns lesson. Repeating is one key factor of success in learning new language.

Pre – Requirement Knowledge 

I believe you know how to use MY & YOUR in Hindi based on gender, number and respect. If not please first read this lesson 7 

See Examples : Possessive Pronouns are Bold

1. My Pen, Your Pen – Singular / Plural Feminine Object

This is my pen – Ye Meri Kalam Hai. ये मेरी कलम है |

It is mine. – Ye Meri Hai. ये मेरी है |

This is your pen. – Ye Tumahaari Kalam Hai. ये तुम्हारी कलम है |

This is yours – Ye Tumahaari Hai  ये तुम्हारी है |

Note – For This/It,  you can also use Yah (यह). But in practical life, these days , Ye is used more often.

These are my daughters. Ye Meri Ladkiyaan Hain ये मेरी लड़कियां हैं |

These are mine. – Ye Meri Hain. ये मेरी हैं|

These are your daughters. – Ye Tumahaari Ladkiyan Hain. ये तुम्हारी लड़कियां हैं |

These are yours. – Ye Tumahaari Hain. ये तुम्हारी हैं |


2. My Home, Your Home – Singular Masculine Objects

learn hindi with anil mahato

This is my home – Ye Mera Ghar Hai. ये मेरा घर है |

It is mine – Ye Mera Hai. ये मेरा है |

This is your home – Ye Tumahaara Ghar Hai. ये तुम्हारा घर है |

It is yours. – Ye Tumahaara Hai. ये तुम्हारा है |

3. My Toys, Your Toys – Singular& Plural Masculine Objects in Respectful way

Plural Masculine Objects

These are my toys.  Ye Mere Khilaune Hain.ये मेरे खिलौने हैं |

These are mine – Ye Mere Hain. ये मेरे हैं |

These are your toys. – Ye Tumhare Khilaune Hain. ये तुम्हारे खिलौने हैं |

These are yours – Ye Tumhare Hain. ये तुम्हारे हैं |

Singular Respective Words

He is my brother – Ye Mere Bhaiya Hain  ये मेरे भैया हैं |

He is my father – Ye Mere Pitaa Jee Hain. ये मेरे पिता जी हैं |

He is my Guru Jee – Ye Mere Guru Jee Hain. ये मेरे गुरु जी हैं |

He is my husband- Ye Mere Pati Hain ये मेरे पति हैं |

He is mine. – Ye Mere Hain. ये मेरे हैं |

Conclusion Lesson

Ye + Mera/Mere/Meri + _________________  +Hai/Hain

He/She/It/These/ + ___________ + is/am/are + mine.

Hai है –  for Singular Subject

Hain हैं – f0r Plural Subject

Mera मेरा – f0r Singular Masculine Subject

Meri मेरी – f0r Singular/Plural Feminine Subject

Mere मेरे – f0r Plural Masculine Subject or Singular Masculine in Respectful Way

Ye  + Tumahaari/Tumahaare/Tumahaare + _____________ + Hai/ Hain He/She/It/These/ + _______ + is/am/are + yours.

Tumahaari तुम्हारी – f0r Singular/Plural Feminine Subject

Tumahaara तुम्हारा– f0r Singular Masculine Subject

Tumhaare तुम्हारे– f0r Plural Masculine Subject or Singular Masculine Respected Subjects

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