Where to Position/Place/Put Adverbs in Hindi Sentences ? (+Video)

Let’s learn Hindi Grammar adverbs – place/position of adverbs in Hindi. Adverbs in Hindi are called KriyaVisheshan (क्रियाविशेषण). Adverbs plays a very important role in beauty of a sentence so does it brings while speaking it.  In Hindi grammar Adverbs is a very big chapter but I will try to simplify here. And I will try to teach you concept of using Hindi adverbs in easier and logical way. We will not cover all the adverbs but we will surely cover which we require to speak Hindi fluently.

Just like in English grammar, adverbs in Hindi grammar also used to modify a verb, adjective or another adverb. They talk about the manner, extent, time and place.

Adverbs of Manners

The Hindi adverbs which tells us the manner in which an action is performed are generally placed close to the verb they modify.

Let’s take few example.

 Main Dhire Khaataa Hoon. मैं धीरे खाता  हूँ  | – (I eat slowly.) 

Hum Aaraam Se Rhete Hain. हम आराम से रहेते हैं  |  – (We live comfortably.) 


Adverbs of Time & Place

Adverbs of time and place in Hindi grammar are placed after the subject , at the beginning of the sentence. Let’s take a look on few examples.

Adverbs of Time :

Main Pratidin Kasarat Karta Hoon. मैं प्रतिदिन कसरत करता हूँ | ( I workout everyday. )

Anil Kal Bharat Jaayegaa. अनिल कल भारत जाएगा | (Anil will go India tomorrow.)

Rogiyeh Saari Raat Padhti Hai. रोजियेह सारी रात पढ़ती है | (Rogiyeh studies all night.)

Saman Ek Baar Anil Se Milegaa. सामान एक बार अनिल से मिलेगा |( Saman will meet Anil once.)

learn hindi with anil mahato

Adverbs of Place :

Main Andar Aa Rha Hoon. मैं अन्दर आ रहा हूँ | ( I am coming inside.)

Main Baahar Jaa Rha Hoon. मैं बाहर जा रहा हूँ | ( I am going outside)

Tum Upar So Jaao. तुम ऊपर सो जाओ | (You sleep up stair)

Tum Niche Baitho. तुम निचे   बैठो | (You sit down.)

As you can see , in all Hindi sentences, adverbs of time or place are placed at the begging of sentence but right after the subject. So remember always the Hindi sentence format in which there is use of adverbs of time or place, it will be something like this.

Subject + adverbs of time/ place +  Object + Verb.

Do you know I have already taught you a very long list of adverbs in Hindi for time. You will learn to write & pronounce as well with the help of Hindi video tutorial. Click to check out.

 Interrogative Adverbs

Interrogative  adverbs in Hindi like What ( Kya क्या ), Where (Kahaan कहाँ), How ( Kaise कैसे), When (Kab कब) are placed before the verb in Hindi sentences. But you should be aware of how they are acting, as pronoun or adverbs. Let’s understand from few examples.

Felicia Kahaan Jaa Rhi Hai ? फेलिसिया कहाँ जा रही है ? ( Where is Felicia going ?)

Sonia Kyun Ro Rhi Hai ? सोनिया क्यों  रो रही है ?  ( Why is Sonia crying?)

Sevgi Kab Aayegee? सेवगी कब आयेगी ? ( When Sevgi will arrive ?)


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