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Punjab is one of the most globally famous state of India. Punjabi culture & language is not only part of India but also partially of Pakistan (after the division of India-Pakistan) at present time. Punjab is situated in northern part of India with the population of about 28 million. Not only culturally Punjab is richer than many other states of India but also financially and education. People of Punjab are mostly doing professional farming and trading. Today, Punjabi are globally spread, mainly in Canada, UK, Australia, USA and many other countries. Today, I am going to share you 15 pictures of Punjab I have taken in an International Trade Fair held at New Delhi, India. I believe this pictures will give you some fragrance of Punjab introducing themselves what Punjab is.

1. Punjabi Jooti ( Shoe)

Punjabi Jhooti Shoe Photo
Punjabi Jooti (Shoes) for Sell

Punjabi people has their own unique type of shoe , they call it Jooti. These are made for men as well as female. Male wear it with mainly with Sherwani (modern lads) , old people love to wear these days everyday to move and there just like Punjabi woman do.

2. Punjabi Khaat ( Bed)

Punjabi Khaat ( Bed) photos
Punjabi Khaat ( Bed)

This is a photo of Punjabi Khaat. But these types of Khaat is  found entire in India.  They are vanishing in modern time. But still you can find the Punjabi Classic Khaats in Punjabi villages and in fields , young lands in the day time under the shadow of trees sitting in group and playing cards. They are made with linen as we as Jute fibre. In Punjabi khaat the beds are generally made with wood while the side arms are made with bamboos. Its not so comfortable as per my try, but sometime it feels good. Sleeping in Khaat under the moon in summer days. I have got few memories.

3. Punjabi Bhangra Dance & Dhol (Dumdum)

Punjabi Bhangra Dance
Punjabi Bhangra Dance

Whether its harvesting time, some happy time or some festival, Punjabi Bhangra has been the soul of Punjab always. The best entertainment of Punjab is either watching or dancing Punjabi Bhangra. I don’t think, somebody can keep himself or herself away from Bhangra dance . This dance is not only famous in Punjabi and India but globally these days you can see stage performances of Punjabi Bhangra dance.

Playing Punjabi Dhol & Bhangra
Playing Punjabi Dhol & Bhangra

Dhol is the one main musical instrument of Punjabi songs specially in Bhangra. Bhangra means dancing in the rhythm of  Dhols.

Punjabi Dhol Photos
Punjabi Dhols (Musical Instrument) are used in almost every ceremonies from marriage to birthday to festivals. Even people carry playing them while welcoming people (for big personality). Basically, Dhol & Bhangra means Fun in Punjabi after wine 😛

4. Punjabi Art & Craft

Punjabi Old Man Working on Wheels of Bullock Cart
Punjabi Old Man Working on Wheels of Bullock Cart

Punjabi people are also very skillful & artist. The photos above shows a typical Punjabi man fixing the wheels of bullock cart. In old time there used to bullock cart as means of transportation after horses. For heavy transportation people in India used to bullock cart only.

learn hindi with anil mahato
Handloom also known as Charkha. You might have seen a a very famous of picture of Mahatma Gaandhi weaving for his own clothe.

5. Gathering , Working & Singing

punjabi  culture  photos
Like many other culture Punjabi Women also gather & work together in various occasions & happy time, sometime they love to sing as well.

The above portrayed shows Punjabi women cooking chapati ( roti/ fulke) together in classic Indian furnace used for Baking Naan, Roti  etc in entire northern India.

6. Punjab – The Land of Agriculture

A Punjabi Man working on his farm

As I already mentioned above, Punjab is the land of agriculture. Majority of of the population is depends on agriculture while some are doing it as business. The lands is so fertile. But these days over agriculture is lowering the quality of the soil.

7. The Land of Martyrs – Bhagat Singh

Martyr Bhagat Singh in his Childhood.
Martyr Bhagat Singh in his childhood playing marbles.

Punjabi is not only land of culture & agriculture but also great martyrs like Bhagat Singh. India’s one of the youngest and greatest freedom fighter. The above portrayed is made in his memory , he is playing marbles with his mates.

8. Punjab – Land of Sports & Kushti (Wrestling)

Punjabi Men Wresting – In various happy moments, ceremony and festival time, in northern India village, communities organize local wrestling competition. Wrestlers are called Pahalmaan here.

Punjab is considered one of the major state for producing high number of sports men. There are many big sports men names whose origin is from Punjabi like WWE Champion The Great Khali, Athelet Milkha Singh, Shooter Abhinav Bindra and many more.

legends of Punjab
Me 😛 😉 with Legends of Punjab

9. Golden Temple

Golden Temple (Sikh Temple) - Amritsar Punjabi
Golden Temple (Sikh Temple) – Amritsar Punjabi

When I talk about Punjab I can’t stop without talking its sacredness. Golden temple is one of the India’s pride and tourist main attraction point. It is situated in Amritsar city of Punjabi. Any religion, sex, caste, color can enter and visit this temple for free.

Anil mahato on punjab
oh .. that’s me , see the house of Punjab behind me.

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