Nepali Candy – Pustakari You Must Eat in Kathmandu, Nepal

nepali candy - pustkariWhen I hear the name – Candy, I remember my childhood trying to bribe my father, mom, elder sisters, elder brothers with acting, being spoiled kid ha ha  … and they are bribing me, telling me to sing songs or dance ha ha . When I hear Pustakari then I remember my school time in the streets of Kathmandu Nepal. The money I used to get for my Tiffin, I used to finish on the way to school by buying pustakaris. Putting Pustakari in mouth going to school and pulling my nosy up.. surrr .. surr…. Ha ha those were some very nice time of my life.

Here I came recently from New Delh to Biratnagar to visit my mother. And I see, my mother had told somebody to buy best Pustkaris from Kathmandu for me. That’s what I am going to share with you today.

nepali candy photo - pustkari
Nepali Candy – Pustakari

I don’t know much about ingredients, neither I can, because I simply love it from my childhood. By the way, my mother used to make similar candy’s in home like Pustakari called Chaaku. Someday I will share with you my sweet friend that sweet too. By the way, as in this blog, you learn Hindi, Chaaku in Hindi means Knife while in Nepali it means a sweet generally prepared in winter to keep body warm.

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Ingredients of Nepali Candy Pustkari

Before writing this blogpost, I asked my mother, of what Pustkaris are made of . Then she told me, it’s made with Jaggery, Sugar , Coconut powder, Khoya ( milk thickened by heating), Almond powder etc.

 How Does Nepali Candy Pustakari Look Like

While making Pustkari , you have warm raw foods , you can set it in any shape before it gets set due to cold. After setting in cold, its fixed, rigid and very hard to break with teeth. Some people it little softer too.

Taste of Nepali Candy Pustakari

It’s very milky sweet, with very nice flavor in smelling as well as eating. Once you put it in mouth you will start getting saliva and keep drinking the heart taking sweet juice. But, I like to break it , crush it and eat faster and take another one .. do that till I finish my whole packet . hehe  😀

See this video, I am eating Pustakari this afternoon :

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