Meaning of Desi : Who are Desi ? What are Desi ? Are they Unicorn ?

I was travelling around the different parts of India in this summer from mountains of Himanchal pradesh to plane land villages of Uttar Pradesh. Few days ago, I had a facebook post – stating “Enjoying pure Desi village lifestyle..”. My friends started asking me what is the meaning of Desi, as they are hearing this a lot , in Bollywood songs or movies or news or even in newspaper or may be from their fellows. So I wanted to tell you what actually desi refers to. In this lesson below, you will learn who are desi ? What is the meaning of desi ? and how we use desi ?

The word   Desi देसी  , which originally was written as Deshi देशी originated from a Sanskrit word Desh(देश) which means “country”. And the as time grew up, the word started broadening and the things that represents that country, culture, food, dress, tradition, all those belongings are started being called Deshi (देशी). And at present day, people use Deshi (देशी) as well as Desi (देसी) both words for same purpose.

Now these days Desi refers to the people , things , culture that belongs to Indian subcontinent – majorly India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. You will tons of Bollywood movie songs using Desi word or in movie dialog.

– You can Indian subcontinent people – Desi People

– You can call Indian subcontinent product – Desi Product.

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– You can say Indian subcontinet girl – Desi Girl

– You can say Indian subcontinet boy – Desi Boy

– You can Indian subcontinet songs – Desi Songs

– You can say Indian subcontinent foods – Desi foods..

Everything that has Indian subcontinent origin can be referred as Desi in a broader way. Let me show you some phrases that you will often encounter with DESI.

– Desi Ghee

– Desi Girls

– Desi Boyz

– Desi People

– Desi Gaane ( Desi Songs)

– Desi Saamaan ( Desi products)

– Desi kapade ( Desi clothes) etc.

Few famous Bollywood songs that titles “Desi” word –

“Desi Girl” from Hindi Movie – Dostana

“Desi Romance” from Hindi Film – Shaadi ke Side effects ( Side effects of marriage)

“Make some noise for Desi Boys” from film – Desi Boyz


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