Manali – Rohtang Road Every Day Traffic Jam in India will Freak You Out

This is a not a Hollywood sci-fi movie neither the world is going to end or volcano is going to erupt or earthquake is going to shake the earth soon so that all people are moving out to safe place.. This is daily life of few thousands people who wish to have some fun with snow in Rohtang Road of Himanchal, India. Manali – Rohtang has been always a famous tourist place for domestic Indian tourists specially  among Delhities,  middle and south Indian people. This traffic jam in India video given below will definitely freak you out.

This is not one particular occasion situation of traffic jam, its everyday traffic jam from morning 8- 9 o’clock till afternoon 2-3 o’clock , people face this heavy traffic jam in one way highway from Manali to Rohtang. Manali is small hill station town where people to do night stay and try to explore near by scenery.

How was the traffic Jam ?

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wooo uffffff , jam ask me how long was it . I will answer you then it was over 4-6 Km long like the line of ants. In fact, vehicles were literally crawling like ants.. so slow 😛 😀 I have listed a small video clip below, you get some idea by watching this video. but, let me tell you the video do not cover ever 60 % vehicles, to cover all,  I will need alien view camera. 😛 😉

How to get rid of Traffic Jam and have fun at Rohtang ?

Believe me or not over 4000 plus vehicle moves every morning during seasonal time to Rohtang from Manali. All move in the morning between 4:30 to 7 AM. You try to move your taxi or vehicle as early as you can, otherwise you are going to stuck. And also, buy foods in Manali , you are not going to get any foods after few kilometers from Manali on the way to Rohtang.

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