Love is Blind: American Girl Chose Rural Life in India over Luxurious & Modern American Life

We have reading and watching in films a lot love is blind, it does not see color, culture, rich, poor, religion anything. In the context of love my slogan works fantastic ๐Ÿ˜‰ <3 Feel the heart <3.

I was suggested by one of my friend in Facebook a video, as he know, I vlog on Indian culture, tradition, food & travel. When I saw this video, I got wowed. This is story of my family. Because my cousin sister-in-law ( Alecia Westaphalen > Alecia Mahato) is also an American and she chose to my brother and spend some very good time in a rural village of Nepal.(They live is now ย North Carolina, USA). ย They are happily studying together and enjoying married life. A big slap to modern high thinking society which almost forget what is family life , as you can see marriage has been a phobia among today’s youngsters. But, I respect every person’s freedom of living.

Typical village in terail Nepal
My Village, I wish could visit someday again there ….
My cousin and sister-in-law. In Nepal, we say Dai (brother) ra Bhauju (sister-in-law)


After marriage, they visited , symbol of love – Taj Mahal – 2011
Both are studying & enjoying Happy Married life ๐Ÿ™‚ in North Carolina, USA

Now meet another very popular in social media these days – Adreana Peral, 41-year-old American women from California, USA. She left the luxurious life in sun-kissed city , California and chose to be rural housewife in a rural village of Haryana, India. Back in USA, she was a receptionist with a daughter enjoying a partying life with gym and drinks.

learn hindi with anil mahato

She met an Indian guy , Mukesh, aged 25 through a mutual friend in Facebook and after 9 months of relationship she left the luxury and choose to become a full-time rural Indian wife.

These days, Andreana says, she is very happy more here than she was in California. She can’t exchange this life in rural India with his husband Mukesh with any Kohinoor of world.

Andreana’s mother in law, is also happy with the marriage . She said, she is very happy if her is happy. And more ever, she said, Andreana gives her more respect than any other Indian housewife probably have given to her. She is doing all work in home which most of the modern Indian girl probably even can’t think of .

Image source Barcrof Media

Andreana in California, USA
american girl-in-rural-indian
Andreana enjoying washing utensils with her mother in law – Bimla
Who don’t want such a romantic life huh ?
love is blind - american girl with indian husband
Andreana eating food sitting on CharPai (bed)


Indian village life
Wish you both a very happy & prosperous married life – Anil Mahato & his friends.


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