Learn Questions Answers in Hindi – What is This/That ?(+Video)

In the previous Hindi lessons, we learnt very well, this , that, and many possessive pronouns. I believe you studied them very well. So, now its time for to move forward in our Hindi learning course – let’s learn questions answers in Hindi. We are going to use knowledge so far we learnt in very practical way. Today’s Hindi tutorial is one of the most commonly spoken phrases in Hindi language.

You will learn following lessons in this Hindi tutorial.

Lesson 1 – What is This ? & Answering it.                                        Lesson 2 – What is that & answering it. 

Lesson 1:

Question: What is this ?

Answer : It’s a /an ______.

I don’t think, I have to give you meaning of each word, because we have already learnt them here – Learn Hindi Step by Step.

Let me directly give you the format to ask question.

Yah Kya Hai ?  (What is this ?)

यह     क्या    है ?

This is the correct way of asking but as language is changing everyday for the easiness, you will more find people saying :-

Ye Kya Hai ? (What is this ?)

ये   क्या    है ?

You can answer this question by :

Yah _________ Hai. (This is ___________)

Commonly used:

Ye __________ Hai. (This is _____________)

ये   __________  है |

Let’s take some examples:

Hindi Vaartalaap हिंदी वार्तालाप – Hindi Conversation -1

Anil Pointing to Pen, asks Sunil.

Anil – Ye Kya Hai, Sunil ? ( What is this , Anil ?)

ये   क्या      है, सुनील ?

Sunil – Ye Ek Kalam Hai, Anil. (It’s a pen, Anil.)

ये   एक  कलम    है , अनिल |


Lesson 2

learn hindi with anil mahato

Question: What is that ?

Answer : That is a/an ______ .

As we all know, that is called Vah (वह) in Hindi, but commonly these days Vo वो is used more. Let’s see the structure.

Vah Kya Hai ? ( what is that ?)

वह      क्या   है ?

Vah Ek ___(Kitaab)__ Hai. ( That is a/an ___( book)___ )

वह एक ____किताब___ है |

Commonly used :

Vo Kya Hai ? ( What is that ?)

वो  क्या   है ?

Vo Kitaab Hai. (That is a book)

वो   किताब  है |

Let’s take an example of Hindi conversation using – What is that and answer of this.

 Hindi Vaartalaap हिंदी वार्तालाप – Hindi Conversation – 2

Suresh asking Sudhir Pointing to Moon.

Suresh – Sudhir , Mujhe Bataao, Vo Kya Hai ? ( Sudhir, tell me, what is that ?)

सुधीर       मुझे        बताओ , वो क्या है ?

Sudhir – Suresh, Vo Chaand Hai. ( Suresh, that is moon.)

सुरेश     वो      चाँद        है |

P.S. If you don’t want to use a/an then remove Ek एक from the Hindi sentence.

Exercise : Translate the following English sentences to Hindi in the comment section.

1. What is this ? This is an apple.

2. What is that ? That is an orange.

3. What is this ? This is a umbrella.

4. What is that ? That is a TV.

5. What is that ? That is a parrot.

6. What is this ? This is a toy.

7. What is this ? This is a bucket.

8. What is that ? That is  Google Office.

You may required following new words. ( New Vocabularies to Remember)

Apple – Seb सेब

Orange – Santara संतरा

Umbrella – Chhatri छत्री

TV – TV टीवी

Parrot – Totaa तोता

Toy – Khilauna खिलौना

Bucket – Balti बाल्टी

Office – Daftar दफ्तर

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