Learn Hindi Verbs through English-Double Meaning of "To Play" in Hindi

learn Hindi verbs through englishFrom last few Hindi tutorials we are trying to learn Hindi verbs through English. Most of the time it is very excellent method to learn Hindi verbs but sometime , it can make trouble when one English verb work as multiple verbs. In Hindi language, you will get every verb different for different actions,  not  a rule and always but most of the time. So, today, you  are going to learn 2 Hindi verbs through English One verb.

English Verb – To Play

English language use this verb to play games as well as musical instruments . But as you know , Hindi is very logical language so, we have different words for both actions.

To play game/s – Khelna (खेलना)

Root verb – Khel खेल

Continuous Verb – Khel + Rha (रहा)/ Rhe( रहे)/Rhee( रही)

To play musical instrument – Bajaana(बजाना)

Root verb – Bajaa (बजा)

Continuous Verb – Bajaa (बजा) + Rha(रहा) / Rhee(रही)/ Rhe (रहे)

Logic – Khel  means Game & to play game – Khelna

Bajaa means musical instrument so, to play musical instrument –  Bajaana

Now let’s learn Hindi Verbs through English with some example sentences.

Main Football Khelna Chahata Hoon. (M) – I want to play football.

learn hindi with anil mahato

मैं        फुटबॉल         खेलना   चाहता      हूँ |

Main Guitar Bajaana Chahatee Hoon. (F) –  I want to play guitar.

मैं        गिटार     बजाना     चाहती       हूँ |

Main Satranj Khel Rha Hoon. (M) –  I am playing Chess.

मैं          सतरंज    खेल   रहा     हूँ |

Main Tabla Bajaa Rhee Hoon. (M) – I am playing Tabla.

मैं         तबला   बजा     रही        हूँ |

For more to learn Hindi verbs through English, please click the video below, which will explain you  more about this “to play” verb very nicely with lots of examples.

If you have finished watching this now, there are two more things you have to do.
1. Exercise of the concept & 2. Test your Knowledge

1. Exercise of the Concept

Practice is the key of success and specially when you are learning language you need to repeat things again and again.  You have to write them, memorize them and use more often in daily Hindi conversation to get most out of it. In the comment section, I want you to write 3 -3 sentences of the both form of the verb- to play games & to play musical instrument.

P.S. – If there is any mistake , don’t worry, I will personally correct them.

2.  Test Your Knowledge

I think, this Learn Hindi verbs through English tutorial was helpful for you and now  I am sure, you are pretty good  in using English verb “to play” in Hindi language. So, take your instant Hindi test with instant result below. Please, also  mention your score of the test in the comment.[WATU 9]

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