Learn Hindi Verbs & Exercise 6 – Learn Hindi Verbs Through English

learn Hindi Verbs - to ask questionWe are  trying to learn Hindi verbs though the help of English language. So far we have studied 5 Hindi verbs. We learnt to read, write and use them in Hindi sentences. In this tutorial , you will again learn another Hindi verb. I think, this verb is very important in the case of study, it is used many times.

Root form – Poochh (पूछ)

To Ask – Poochhna (पूछना)

Continuous Form – Poochh + Rha (रहा) / Rhe(रहे) / Rhee(रही)

Pronunciation – Puu + Chh  + Naa

Now let’s make some Hind sentences  using the verb above.

Main ek Sawaal Poochhna Chahata Hoon. (I want to ask a question )  – masculine

मैं        एक सवाल     पूछ्ना            चाहता           हूँ |

Main ek Swaal Poochhtee Hoon.(I ask a question) -feminine

मैं       एक   सवाल    पूछती             हूँ |

learn hindi with anil mahato

Main ek Sawaal Poochh Rha Hoon.( I am asking a question.) – masculine 

मैं       एक   सवाल         पूछ      रहा    हूँ |

Sawaal Puchho ( Ask question)

सवाल     पूछो |

Learn Hindi Verbs in more better way by watching this video. Try to watch the pre conversation carefully and guess what I am trying to say , because I am speaking Hindi there, how I am speaking sentences which are very related to the hindi verb we are discussing.

Exercise of Concept
If you have watched the Hindi video tutorial above, I would like you to exercise the use of Hindi verb – to ask in the comment setion. Make some random Hindi sentences using the verb – to ask , question , answer etc.
If I find any mistakes I will correct them.

Test Your Knowledge
Learn Hindi verbs confidently by taking a final test on the concept and practice you did. Here I am going to ask you some random question which are all related to the verb – to ask. Read the question carefully and choose the best answer. Please also write the score of test in the comment section. Good luck (y).[WATU 8]

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