Learn Hindi Sentence Structure – How to say "You can _______" in Hindi

We are learning General Hindi sentence structures. In the previous tutorial we learnt to say – I can _____ in Hindi. This Hindi lesson will teach you how to say “You can ______ ” . There is not much difference in both Hindi sentence structures. All rules are same, except the subject is changed. I am not making a big changes , as we are learning our Hindi lessons in chronological order. It is easy to grasp the certain advancement in the Hindi sentence structure.

I    – Main(मैं)

You   – Tum (तुम) – Friendly

–    Aap (आप) – Respective, formal

–    Tu (तू) Informal, Intimate

Learn hindi sentence strucutures

Learn Hindi Sentence Structure: You can ____________

Tum ___(Hindi verb)______Sakte Ho. (Masculine form)

Tum ___(Hindi verb)_____Saktee Ho. (Feminine Form).

Grammar Rule:

In Hindi sentence, unlike English grammar, verb comes at the last. Tum is Subject here. Then if you want you can add some objects, but at last always you have to put verb. So, in the blank space, fill some root Hindi verb.

Learn from Examples of Hindi Sentence Structures for: You can ________

  1. Tum Nach Sakte Ho.  (You can dance) – Masculine

तुम नाच सकते हो

learn hindi with anil mahato
  1. Tum Likh Saktee Ho. ( You can write) – Feminine

तुम लिख सकती हो |

  1. Tum Padh Saktee Ho. ( You can read) – Feminine

तुम पढ़ सकती हो |

  1. Tum Khana Kha Sakte Ho. (You can eat food.) – Masculine

तुम खाना खा सकती हो |

  1. Tum Gaana Gaa Saktee Ho. ( You can sing song) – Feminine

तुम गाना गा सकती हो |


Now watch the following video, which will give your more idea on how to make Hindi sentence structure on You can ______

I believe, you have get better concept and learnt more about this Hindi sentence structure. Now it’s time for some exercise.

Exercise the Hindi Sentence Structure: You can ______

Please write 3 -5 Hindi sentence structures in Hindi using following Hindi verbs in the comment section. If you make any mistake, don’t worry , I will correct them :

  1. To play = Khelna खेलना, Root Verb= Khel खेल
  2. To Hit = Maarna मारना, Root Verb = Maar मार
  3. To Cry = Rona रोना, Root verb = Ro रो
  4. To Sell = Bechna बेचना, root verb = Bech बेच
  5. To Ring = Bajaana बजाना , root verb = Bajaa बजा

Take Online Hindi Test with Instant Result on: You can _____ in Hindi

Below is a Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) based small online Hindi test, for checking up your knowledge on the subject recently you studied. After taking test, you will get instant marks of the test which can give you much idea on how good you learn the Hindi sentence structure : You can ___
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