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learn hindi with anil mahatoHindi is a very interesting and logical language to learn. More than 425 million people all over the world speak this language. Hindi is majorly spoken in India mostly by North Indians. Due to emerge of social media & Internet world the world is getting shorter and the ease of exchanging language and culture has been even much easier than imagination. On top of all, Bollywood films, also known as Hindi Cinema has played a vital role to attract the world to speak Hindi language.

As you know in this blog, I share information, tips, tricks on learning Hindi by article, audio & videos. I recently come across some really cool ideas on learning Hindi in a very interactive way while I was talking on skype with one of a very good friend Gustavo from Brazil.Therefore, I decided to make my Hindi lessons on YouTube, as much interactive as I can.

The interactive Hindi learning video tutorials are improving day by day. So beginning videos lessons can be less interesting or less effective but I bet gradually the quality of teaching I am trying to upgrade from the suggestion I have grabbed from you my dear friends. And I expect this on my entire journey of producing Hindi Learning contents.

So Interactive Hindi Learning method basically carry two parts :

A. Conceptual Video     B. Exercise Video

How to Use Interactive Hindi Learning Video Playlist

A. Conceptual video – When you are watching concept video, then I will suggest you to always start watching that with a pen and your daily Hindi note keeping diary with you. This playlist will carry 3 section:

learn hindi with anil mahato

1. Daily Spoken Style by Acting –  Watch my acting based on the concept we are going to learn. Sometime, I will not put subtitle by knowing because I want you to guess what I am going to talk.So pause the video and try to guess , watch it once again and try to guess again. Then note down what you guessed and then go for next step.

2. Concept Explanation – This time you have to bring all your concentration at one place. Most of the videos will have some structures and points which are very important so better write it down on your notebook on your 2nd watch but don’t write on the first view of the video. I want you to keep concentrating on concept and its utilization on examples I have on video presentation.

3. Your Exercise Time – End of the every Interactive Conceptual video (A) will carry some exercise for you. And I am soon going to make some extra Hindi exercise section too. But for now, I want you to practice the concept your learnt in the comment section of my blog – www(.)AnilMahato(.)com or you can also do the practice below the youtube video.

B. Exercise Video – This video will be titled with “B” and will explain the solution. Even if you are 100% sure your answers are correct in the comment section, I want you to watch solution video as well, because I will explain some new things too.

So, let’s begin the Journey of Learning Hindi Interactively.

1. Learn  Hindi Interactively- Lesson 1A

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