Learn Hindi Lesson – "I can _____" – Video Tutorial + Exercise + Test

In this Hindi Video Tutorial, you will learn Hindi lesson on how to say “I can _______” in Hindi language.  This is a very usuful and one of the most used and required Hindi sentence. We will learn the different aspect of this sentence. On other part of this tutorial we will learn to say “You can____” , “We can ____” and many more. So we will start one after another . Remember to jump to next lesson only after getting perfect in one concept.

learn hindi lesson - i can
“I can _________” in Hindi

Before starting our lesson, I would like to tell you two thing : – Exercise & Practice are very important to learn any language and same applies for Hindi language. So, after finishing this lesson, you must exercise the concept you learnt. You must practice use of : I can ____ Hindi sentences in your daily Hindi speaking practice. I am trying to teach you grammar rules by my customized structures which will make your easy to learn this language.  Below  in this tutorial, you can test your knowledge how much you understand from this Hindi tutorial.

Can in Hindi is called – Sakna (सकना ).

Follow the structure always to make  Hindi sentences that start with –  I can ___________.

Main______________  Sakta  (M)  /  Sakti (F)  Hoon |

मैं   ________________ सकता           / सकती              हूँ |

I can  ___________.

Rule to Remember:

learn hindi with anil mahato
  • In the gap _______ you can fill with any verb or activity that you can do. Let’s make some Hindi sentences that start with I can _________.
  • If you are female – Saktee (सकती)
  • If you are male – Sakta(सकता )
  • In Hindi sentence structure, if you are using verb, then use in Root form like – Kha (eat),  Chal(walk),  Gaa(sing),  Pee(drink).

1. Main Nach Sakta Hoon. ( I can dance)

मैं    नाच    सकता   हूँ |

2. Main Chal Saktee Hoon. ( I can walk)

मैं          चल    सकती   हूँ |

3. Main Likh Sakta Hoon. ( I can write)

मैं      लिख    सकती  हूँ |

4. Main Khana Kha Sakta Hoon. ( I can eat food.)

मैं        खाना     खा    सकती     हूँ |

5. Main email Bhej Sakta Hoon. ( I can send email).

मैं        ईमेल   भेज    सकता   हूँ|

I believe you got the basic idea to make Hndi sentences with – ” I can ____” structure. Now , I want you to watch the following Learn Hindi Lesson (Video).


I am sure this video tutorial boosted up your knowledge. Now based on the knowledge your grabbed from this – learn Hindi lesson – I can , Try to make similar Hindi sentence in the commetn section below as much as you can, at least try 3 sentences.  I will correct them if you made any mistake.

Take Test

Please take the following test and let me know the your marks in the comment section.

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