Learn Hindi lesson 8 – How dare he/she?

Namaskar dost, Aap Bahut achchhi koshish kar rhe hain. (You are trying very good). I am very happy to see you here at 8th presentation of learning Hindi mostly used phrases. In previous lesson we learnt to reply “Thanks”. Now in this presentation we are going to learn something new and may be little stupid sentence .. ha ha ..

Let’s learn to say – How dare he ? or How dare she ? in Hindi. Check out the video below first before going to word explanation.

learn hindi with anil mahato

As, you saw in the video explanation, you already knew the world for “Dare”.

The Hindi word for Dare is “Himmat”. This also means courage.

So, here is the Hindi translation – How dare he/she ?

                                                  Uski itni Himmat ?

                                                  उसकी इतनी हिम्मत ?

Well, this lesson might look little informal. I had made this video a long time ago. I hope it will be useful in someway in your journey to speak Hindi fluently.

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