Learn Hindi Grammar – Conjunction "So That" in Hindi

Namaskar ! I am Anil writing this post. This is a small exercise submitted by Sophie for correction. I thought its worth to share with my other fellow Hindi learning friends. Because every time I reply , I feel there must be something new which can be beneficial to you too. In this Hindi lesson, I am trying to tech you some Hindi grammar – how to use “so that” in Hindi language. Thanks to Sophie for volunteering Hindi learning community. I expect more in future from her. This is a video below this post.

Learn Hindi Grammar Videos

Below Sophie is writing and in 2nd paragraph my suggestion & correction.


Mera naam Sophie hai aur main France se hoon. Main hindi sikhti hoon taki main Bharat jaa sakti hoon. Main bis sal ki hoon aur main law paarti hoon. Main Paris me rehti hoon, magar is shahar mujhe pasand nahi hai, kyukin mere liye bahut mehanga hai. Thankfully, main abhi Brussels mein rehnoongi 🙂

Kya yeh sahi hai ? Bahut shukriya Anil Bhai 🙂

Anil Mahato :

Mera naam Sophie hai aur main France se hoon. – Ye Sahi Hai ( This is correct).

Main hindi sikhti hoon taki main Bharat jaa sakti hoon – It’s correct but you can make it best if you can change the “sakti hoon”( If you are male you will write sakta Hoon) to sakoon (सकूं) for second sentence. I know Sophie, you want to write – I learn Hindi so that I can go India. 

Let me give you some examples :

1. I study Law so that I can be lawyer one day .

Main Kanoon Padhta Hoon taaki Ek Din Main Vakil Ban Sakoon.(M)

मैं कानून पढ़ता हूँ ताकी एक दिन मैं वकील बन सकूं |

2. I eat so much so that I can work  out well in gym.

Main bahut khana khata Hoon taaki Main Gym Me Achchhe Se Kasarat Kar Sakoon. (M)

learn hindi with anil mahato

मैं बहुत खाना खाता हूँ ताकी मैं व्यामशाला में अच्छे से कसरत कर सकूं |

3. I run every in morning so that I can loose some weight.

Main Har Roz Subah Daudta Hoon Taaki Main Kuchh Vajan Ghata Sakoon.(M)

मैं हर सुबह दौड़ता हूँ ताकी मैं कुछ वजन घटा सकूं |

4.I use facebook so that I can connect with my friends

Main Facebook Istamaal Karta Hoon taaki Main Apne Doston Se Jud Sakoon.

मैं फेसबुक इस्तमाल करता हूँ ताकी मैं अपने दोस्तों से जुड़ सकूं |

5. I visit anilmahato.com everyday so that I can learn Hindi. 

Main anilmahato.com har roz dekhti hoon taki main hindi sikh sakoon.

मैं अनिलमहतो डॉट कॉम हर रोज़ देखती हूँ ताकी मैं हिंदी सिख सकूं |

Today I taught you, I ….(verb)… X ,  so that I ….(verb)… Y.  

More we will learn in next lesson, keep asking ! keep interacting !Keep learning !  Keep Enjoying your life ! <3 Feel the Heart <3

Suggestion : I suggest to everyone to register in this website and keep learning and sharing our knowledge, culture, language. Feel free to ask me any Hindi question, because if you ask me here, it is not only beneficial for you but for also many Hindi learners from all over the world. Click to Submit your Exercise  – click to submit your Question.

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