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Learn Devanagari Script Online

(देवनागरी लिपि सीखिये)

Devanagari script is one of the world best system of writing . This is also one of the world’s oldest writing system which is mainly used in India & Nepal for writing several regional and national languages. The languages which use this writing system are Sanskrit, Hindi, Nepali, Marathi, Awadhi, Bhojpuri, Gujari, Pahari, Maithli (Maithali language had their own writing system, which is now extincted) etc. and many more other languages.

If you want to learn major languages like Sanskrit, Hindi or Nepal then you must have to learn Devanagari Script  compulsorily for the proper pronunciation and expressions.  As , in my blog , I talk about these three languages so often, so we are going to learn basic letters and we will learn how do they work .  Devanagari is itself a big system of writing. We will take part of it which we use while learning Hindi or Nepali language.

Devanagari is right to left writing system with a line above the letters always. In simple words, this writing system contains vowel letters, consonant letters and some symbols representing different sounds.

1. Learn Vowel Alphabets of Devanagari Script.

अ = A            आ = Aa             इ  =I              ई = Ee               उ =U             ऊ = Oo              ऋ = Ri        

ॠ = Ree        ऌ = ~lu           ॡ = ~lU          ए = E             ऐ = Ai             ओ  = O             औ = Au         

अं = An        अ : = Ah

2. Learn Consonant Alphabets of Devanagari Script

क = K             ख= Kh                ग= G          घ= Gh             ङ =Ng

च= Ch          छ =Chh             ज= J            झ =Jh            ञ = ñ

ट = ṭ                ठ = ṭh                  ड= ḍ             ढ=ḍh              ण =ṇ

त = T              थ= Th               द= D            ध= Dh           न =N

प = P               फ=Ph                 ब= B            भ= Bh          म= M

य = Y               र=R                   ल=L             व= W            श= Sh

ष =ṣ                  स = S                 ह = H           क्ष  = KSh     त्र  = Tr

ज्ञ =Gy

I made this video for learning to write Hindi language, but as it uses same Devanagari script, so, it will definitely help you learn them to read and write them well.

This first video is for learning first 5 consonant alphabets which we also say Gutturals – Ch, Chh, J, Jh , Yan.

I want you to learn from the  picture below the system of voicing and non voicing, aspiration and non-aspiration. There is a very good pattern of repeating aspirated letter and non aspirated letters.. One consonant alphabet is non aspirated while other one is aspirated. It work similarly till end. But there are certain exception also, which we will discuss later.

learn hindi with anil mahato
Devanagari Consonant Letters
Devanagari Consonant Alphabets

This below video will help you learn all 5 Palatal Devanagari Alphabets –   Try to speak with my sound so that you will learn the exact pronunciation of letters and also try to write at the same time.

The Devanagari tutorial video below is going to introduce with 5 Cerebral Consonant Letters of Devanagari Script – t, th, d, dh, n.  Try to learn all of them along with me. For better result sit with pen and paper and headphone to listen correct pronunciations of the letters.

The Devanagari Lesson below will teach you 5 Dental Dental Consonant Letters of Devanagari- T, Th, D, Dh, N. Script with correct writing & reading system. 

Below is another video lesson from which you can learn 5 Labial Alphabets of Devanagari Writing System – P, Ph, B, Bh, M. 

Now, the last video below is going to finish the remain consonant letters. These are voiced in pronunciation – Y, R, L, W, Sh , S, S, Ksh, Tr, Gyn.


Once you learn all vowels and consonant of Devanagari Script then you have to start learning to merge the sound of one consonant letter with 12 different vowel sounds, which is commonly known as Barakhadi.

Working System of Barakhadi is very well systematic and patterned, see the example bellow.

K  क  + A अ  = Ka क

K क  + AA आ  = Kaa  का

K क  + I इ  = Ki कि

K क  + EE  ई = Kee  की

K क + U उ = Ku कु

K क+ OO ऊ  = Koo कू

K क+ E ए= Ke के

K क+ Ai ऐ = Kai कै

K क+ O ओ = Ko को

K क+ Au औ = Kau कौ

K क+ An अं= Kan कं

K क+ Kah अ: =  Kah क:

Similarly, Aspirated Devanagari consonant Kh ख will merge with 12 different vowel letters. The video below will help you learning them. Watch the video given below.


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