Lahan Bazar (Nepal): Strengthening Cultural Bonds Between India-Nepal

Nepal is known for world’s tallest mountains. Including Mt. Everest, there are other 7 world’s tallest peak in the same country. Isn’t that amazing. Mostly foreigners, even my Indian friends have some miss-confusion about Nepal. People think, entire country is occupied by big hills and mountains. But, the truth is, Nepal is having 17 % land plane, which is called Terai Region of Nepal. (touched with India in southern part)

Today I am going to share with you some of my experience with a small town named Lahan Bazaar which is in the plane region of Nepal, close to India – Nepal border. The town has established a great relationship between two countries from last many decades , specially due to the Sagaramatha Chaudhary Eye Hospital(SCEH).

Early the year of 2014, in my visit to Nepal, I travel to this town and some nearby countryside. I had much fun by observing scenes of beautiful rivers, long high ways, kind and very hospitable people and some delicious foods.

Famous Things :

1. Sagarmatha Chaudhary Eye Hospial 

Sagarmatha in Nepal means Mt. Everest

Sagarmatha chaudhary eye hospital lahan nepal
Sagarmatha Chaudhary Eye Hospital Lahan, Nepal

When I took bus to travel the town from Nepal’s Industrial city in Eastern Nepal, Biratnagar, everybody’s mouth was speaking – Aanka Asptaal (Aankha= Eye, Asptaal = Hosptial). So, in the town, there is a bus stand called Eye hospital, very famous in the country and more in Northern India, including the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Aassam, West Bengal & Sikkim . Every bus were filled with Indian eye patients, traveled from so far to get the best treatment. The hospital was once started with 12 beds in 1983, at the time, when country used to have one or two hospital.When I entered SCEH in 2014, I got wowed with the crowed and patients queue. It has grown massive big with 5 satellite clinics.

2. Business 

lahan bazar nepal photos
A town look from Rickshaw

As the town comes in the highway of Mahendra Rajmarg ( Mahendra National Highway extends from East to West Nepal), there is much traffic and the town connects many near by hill side as well as small towns, so its common floor for all business people. I saw traders fro hill side coming for buying goods in bulk so that they will sell those grocery to other kitchen thing in higher price in hill & mountain side. That is also one region , travelling mountains are expensive, everything has to be carried there.

3. Martyr’s Round Bar ( Shahid Chowk)

mahendra chowk nepal
Children Going to School on Rickshaw, near Mahendra Chowk, Lahan, Nepal

Remember, the revolution against Monarchy system in Nepal in 2006, which led Nepal’s ex king  Shree 5 Gyanendra Vir Vikram Shah to leave his kingship. In that, revolution, first Martyr from Terai Region, Nepal, was from this town. Often the old name of the round bar – Mahendra Chowk is taken as Martyr’s chowk ( Shahid chowk).

But more , I traveled towards the main city. It started reminding me the crowd of Chandani chowk, Delhi, India.But definitely, roads were wider.  The town looked pretty much similar to an small Indian town but people were slightly different in look with little different dress up.

4. Art & Craft

learn hindi with anil mahato

You will see small home based traders from hill side and near by villages will come to sell the hay made products for daily use while some products were decorative. Handmade Hay Mat, Bamboo made baskets are still on my eyes.

Hand Made Hay Mat for Sell at Lahan Bazar, Nepal
Hand Made Hay Mat for Sell at Lahan Bazar, Nepal

5. Gaighat Hill Station

If you move towards little northern side, in few kilometers, there is a very famous hill station called Gaighat. People who has to go aighat must had to go via Lahan.

5. Arcade Cafe ( The Rabit Cafe)

Rabbit at Arcade Cafe, Nepal
Rabbit at Arcade Cafe, Lahan Bazar Nepal

From outside, the cafe looked an average cafe. But, as I entered their facilities, hospitality, on bell service, decoration and most amazing Rabbits astonished me. I will suggest my fellow traveler if you ever happen to visit this town, you must try your dinner or lunch or breakfast here. You will get Nepal, Chinese & Italian food in very cheap price.We  two got stomach full with 4 $ including water bottle. I see , almost every people was knowing this cafe. Just ask anybody in Lahan, where is Arcade cafe or ask rickshaw wala ( rickshaw puller , they will take you there in 15- 20 cent from any place of the town.

This is the food I ate there. Nepali’s favorite Nepalese breakfast – Momo – Dumpling – The Great Taste !!

6. Culture & Language

People are so friendly and hospitable. You will see Hindus and Muslim. At evening time, some islamic songs are played in big loud speakers. I was enjoying them..saying Allaahh Hookbar.. something like that. They speak Maithali, Nepali & English. Young lads almost will understand your English but he or she may be little slow and weak in replying. Now, Maithali words might be new for you, but I am sure you have heard about Lord Rama in Hinduism. So he was married to Goddess Sita. She was from Janakpur, also know as Mithila. So, people from Mithila are called Maithil and the language they speak is called Maithali. Their original Maithali script is almost about extinct but people speak the language in first place. And that part of border region, speaks only Maithali on first place. Mithila art is very famous in the world among artist and painter. It was originated from Janakpur, Nepal ( old capital of Mithila).

maithil women in nepal
5 Month Pregnant , 20 Years Old Young Maithil woman

Image Source

7. Increasing Population Growing Town Almost Touching River

As per my knowledge & study, as the town grow big with good facility of schools, colleges , hospital people started migrating from hill side and mountain side to Lahan Bazaar for living, so population is increasing so fast and lands price are hiking up day by day, some places were even more  expensive than few very good towns of New Delhi. I literally got surprised with the rate. The city has almost touched a very big river called Gagain. I guess , the bridge length was not less than 200 meter.

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