Introducing some Hindu Gods & Goddesses from Indian Street (Vlog)

Couple of days ago, I had been to Portugal Embassy in Chankyapuri, New Delhi for interview of my cousin who has got ERASMUS MUNDUS scholarship. When he was going through interview, I was walking near by places. And, I discovered something really cool – lots of Hindu gods and goddess statues. There was an wall with statues of – Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Lord Sai Baba, Goddess Laxmi &
Goddess Kaali.

Why there were statues ?

In many Hindu festivals, we make temporary statues of gods and goddess for praying in that particular occasion. And, due to our custom we have to do visarjan (immersion). And immersion should be done in some water resources like river or lake or ocean. But, in cities we don’t get such places so, we do it in the places like under peepal tree , Chauraha (round bar), corners of street etc. And we put all those statues as well as the materials we used to do worship there. We can’t not throw them along with garbage, its sin. Because, they are very holy. That’s why I found them there.

If you have better explanation for this, then please share with us in comment section, I will update in here you comment later.

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You know we have 33 million gods and goddess in Hindu religion. I can’t tell you all , but now, let me introduce you the gods and goddesses I saw in street in short.

1.  Lord Ganesha भगवान् गणेश

We take his name with this mantra ” Shree Ganeshaya Namah श्री गणेशाय नमः”, before starting any good work.
2. Kaali Maa काली माँ ( Goddess Kaali)

A very powerful Hindu goddess with very fierce anger and many hands. Her tongue is all the time. She is called to kill many demons when gods can’t do themselves. When she get angry she hits the earth and shakes it with her leg. When she walks her thrust is so powerful and strong that earth start vibrating, so lord Shiva/ Mahadev ( the powerful god) put his chest to absorb that thrust.
3. Laxmi Mata  लक्ष्मी माता ( Goddess Laxmi )

She is wife of lord Vishnu and goddess of wealth and prosperity. The greatest Hindi festival Diwali is celebrated on her name.

4. God Sai Baba (साईं बाबा)

He was a living god and there are avatars of him, something like dalai lama of Buddhist religion. His 2nd form recently died. He is greatly worshiped in India and abroad.  Many big hospitals and institutions are named with his name here in India.


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