Gem but Hidden Incredibly Talented Flute Seller’s Melodies on Streets of CP, New Delhi

Talents are most of the time hidden, sometime inside home while sometime on roads or streets. And, its not unusual meeting talented artist on street whether is singing or playing or showing some of their unique art and skills. Meet Hidden Gem of Indian street, a 50 year old man, incredible talented flute player playing some of his melodious play, who makes his living by selling flute on streets of Connaught place New Delhi, India.

I had an appointment with an app developer regarding my “Learn Hindi App Project” in very busy and modern market of India, in New Delhi, Connaught place. After the meeting, we both were moving towards the Rajeev Chowk metro station. As I was passing my E block, I head a very sweet, melodies flute playing which took our heart.

We both started looking here and there, we did not see any person, as there was much crowd, but, motivation to listen the sound of playing flute was from inside, so we finally found it.

RS Gautam – Flute Seller, CP, New Delhi, India

He was not other than famous flute player in that region – Mr. R.S. Gautam. He looks above 50 years old, extremely polite and gentle man, who makes his living selling flute on street. And, also,  people who wants to learn to play flute, he teaches them for free, no charge at all. I saw, one very desperate student , Mr. Piyush Rai, who came all the way from Noida to learn some playing from Mr. Gautam. As per our conversation he is learning with him from last 5 and half months.

learn hindi with anil mahato
Left – Piyush Rai (Student) Right – R.S. Gautam (Guru)

His main profession is selling flutes. I asked him the prices the flutes he sells. They were ranging from INR 60 (US$ 1) to INR 250 (US $ 4.8). If you are visiting Counnaught Place next time in Delhi,  make sure to meet him and listen his heart touching melodious flute playing and of course, do some shopping and bring some smiles on his face.

R.S. Gautam’s Flute Shop on Street ( CP, New Delhi, India)

Address to find Him

E-6, Connaught Place, Inner circle, Nearest Metro station – Rajeev Chowk, New Delhi, India


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