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indian culture tradition videos
Indian Hindu Guy Selling me Tangerine

You might have been trying to search Indian culture tradition videos on YouTube or googling it. There are many customs, tradition and some superstitions being celebrated in India. We already know Hinduism is rich of rituals, festivals, customs & many rules and regulations. Hinduism is believed by people in entire world with major population in India.

Lately, I was travelling to a north – eastern part of India by Indian Railways. I generally prefer to eat fruits and some drinks than any other types of foods during my travel. When I reached somewhere in Bihar, India, all the fruits that I bought in New Delhi, India was finished , therefore, I tried to buy some Oranges. Same time, one beautiful moment of learning Indian culture I became able to film with my camera which I am going to share with you my dear friend. You might have already watched many Indian culture tradition videos, but I believe this one will add up something on your counting.

learn hindi with anil mahato

So, here I was trying to pay tangerine seller with my left hand but he denied and told me to pay him by right hand as it was his first sell. The first sell in Hindi is called Bohani (बोहनी). It is believed in Indian culture and tradition, especially in Hinduism that if your first sell got good in fruitful way with good profit then whole day you are going to make good profit.

So, why he asked me to pay by Right Hand?

The answer is very simple, right hand for right work.
Always in Hinduism we do all holy work with right hand like doing pray, putting Tika on forehead and many more. It’s a simple Hindu believe that right hand to right start. I believe you liked my videos. If you do please, don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or any other social media. Help me grow my Indian blog. To see more Indian culture tradition videos please subscribe me by email or connect with me on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

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