Human Body Parts Names in Hindi with Picture, Audio & PPTs

I had been asked to cover this Hindi lesson very long time before, finally got time to make it, so let’s learn Human Body Parts Names in Hindi with Picture, Audio & PPTs

Below I have prepared a PowerPoint presentation on most common Human body parts and more I am going to add very soon.

If you have any request to me , then feel free to comment in the comment section below.

Human Body Parts Names in Hindi 

1. Finger  Ungaliउंगली)

2. Thumb   Angootha (अंगूठा)

3. Eye   Aankh(आंख)

4.Tongue  Jeebh (जीभ)

5.Ear  Kaan(कान)

6. Beard  Darhi(दाढ़ी)

7. Lips    Honth(होंठ)

8.Tooth   Daant(दांत)

9.Shoulder  Kandha(कंधा)

10.Wrist  Kalaii(कलाई)

11. Throat   Gala (गला)

12. Waist  Kamar(कमर)

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13. Hand  Haath(हाथ)

14.  Neck  Gardana(गर्दन)

15. Chest  Chaati(छाती)

16. Arm – Baanh बांह

17. Elbow- Kohaniकोहनी

18. Breast  Stan (स्तन)

19. Stomach Pet (पेट)

20. Knee  Ghutane(घुटने)

21.Nose  Naak(नाक)

22.Hair baal(बाल)

23.Foot  Pair(पैर)

24. Blood  khun(खून)

25.  Heart Dil (दिल)

26. Brain Dimaag(दिमाग)

27. Back  Peeth(पीठ)

28.Vagina  Yoni (योनी)

29. Penis   ling (लिंग)

You can also find a YouTube video showing you correct pronunciation of each Human body parts in Hindi, English and Devanagari.


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