How to Type / Write in Hindi on Facebook

How to Type on Facebook in HindiThe viral social media Facebook is expanding everyday. Billions of people are using facebook everyday. Now facebook is also available in people’s everyday language. You can see facebook in Hindi, facebook in Spanish or French or any other language of the world. So, lots of people from entire world wants to write or type on facebook wall or comment in their own native language. In this tutorial, I will teach you how can you write/type in Hindi on facebook wall or comment. It is a very easy and quick method, and every body with little knowledge of computer and internet can do this. This tutorial is for Windows version  Operating system users. We are talking about softwares we need to write in Hindi on facebook or anyother web services like Gmail, Twitter etc. or in MS Word, Powerpoint everywhere.

Let me guide you step by step on How to Type/ Write in Hindi on facebook

1. First go to and search “Google Input Tools” or simple click here and go to Google Input tools page. You will see various device option, based on your demand like on Google Chrome, On Windows or on google Services. I am going to teach you here how to write Hindi on facebook based on desktop.How to Write Type on Hindi on Facebook

2. You also have option if you write on facebook in Hindi with your phone or tablet or desktop. I am going to show you here based on desktop. So, once you click the above link and you are on Google Input Tools page > On Windows ( For PC) section. You will see more than 22 language option. Choose Hindi and Click on Terms & Condition of Google just like below in the to write on facebook in hindi

learn hindi with anil mahato

3. Click Download button and download software . The software you have download to write Hindi is named – InputToolsSetUp.exe.   Once software is downloaded , click on it and start installing it. The computer will prompt once asking to install the software, give permission and install it.

4. After installationg of Google Input Tools , you will see an icon at the right bottom corner of your desktop .

How to type in Hindi on Facebook5. Clicking on that icon – En you can change the whether you want to write in English or Hindi ( Devanagari script). By click you can easily switch to eachother. The keyboard shortcut to switch to eachother is – Press – SHIFT + ALT together.

You are done with technical thing.

Now , how to write in Hindi on Facebook or any other place like gmail, powerpoint or MS word any where . Go to Hindi mode and start writing.

how to write in Hindi
Example of Writing / Typing in Hindi on Facebook

Example :

English Mode ON – Main Anil Hoon.

Hindi Mode ON – मैं अनिल हूँ |

Now, you writing – A, n, i , l these alphabets but its writing in Devangari script. So, if you know to write in English Hindi words or sentences then you can easily write in Hindi on facebook or any other place.

Here is a quick video tutorial on How to Type /Write in Hindi on Facebook.


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