How to Reply to Thank You in Hindi – Respond to thank you Learn Hindi Lesson 7

In the previous lesson 6, we learnt how to say Excuse Me and in lesson 5 we learnt how to say Thank you in Hindi. Now in this Hindi tutorial, you will learn how to reply thank you in Hindi ( response of thank you in hindi). There are so many methods of responding to Thank You in Hindi. It depends on your style and selection of words. Let’s discuss some commonly used method for replying to thanks.

How to reply thank you in hindiFor saying Thank you in hindi, we say – Dhanyavaad or Shukriya.

So to reply , we simply say , Koi Baat Nahi (No problem)

                                            कोई  बात  नहीं |

And, like in English language, you can also say – Aapka Swagat Hai (You are welcome)

learn hindi with anil mahato

                                                                        आपका   स्वागत   है |

In short, Swagatam (Welcome) – स्वागतम |

Based on the Hindi lesson we have learnt so far, let’s do some conversation practice.

Anil – Aap Kaise Ho Sunil ? (How are you ?)

          आप  कैसे   हो , सुनील ?

Sunil – Main Theek Hoon. Aur Tum ? ( I am fine. And you ?)

           मैं     ठीक      हूँ |    और  तुम ?

Anil – Main Bhi Theek Hoon. Yar Anil, Kripaya Aaj ShamKo Mere Ghar Khane Pe Aana. ( I am also fine. Dude, come for dinner at night at my home.)

       मैं   भी    ठीक     हूँ | यार अनिल , कृपया आज शामको मेरे घर  खाने पे  आना |

Sunil – Aw,,, Shukriya Anil. ( Aw.. Thank you Anil)

            अ … शुक्रिया अनिल |

Anil – Are Koi Baat nahi Yar ( Heyy… No problem friend ) 

        अरे  कोई  बात  नहीं  यार |

In the similar way, you practice responding to “Thanks”, you receive in Hindi Language.

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