How to Cook A Tasty Indian Food (Dish) in 10 Minutes Without Spices

Learn to Cook Tasty Indian Food in 10 min with almost No Spices

Namaskar ! My dear friends, today you are going to learn something really useful in real life. I will show you how  you can cook a very tasty Indian Dish in 10 minutes without spices. Are you excited huh ? I am sure , if you are lazy person in kitchen like me, you will love it. For bachelors and student who have less time, this is one of the fastest Indian dish you can prepare. I personal cook this food so often. Because, its tasty, healthy, nutritious and  fast in cooking.

So, you are going to learn to cook a North Indian dish, from state of Bihar – Khichdi (खिचड़ी) & Aaloo Chokha (आलू चोखा ).

I am going to teach you to cook both of them together not one after another. If you do together it will be faster with less use of energy(gas).

Ingredients Required

1. 3 Potatoes

2. 1 Onion

3. 1 Small Bowl of Rice

4. 1 Small Bowl of Lentil (Any or Mixed)

5. 4-5 Chilli

6. 10-12 Garlic Piece

7. Half Spoon Turmeric Powder

8. 1 spoon of Cumin seeds

9. Salt According to Your Taste

10. Cooking oil 2-3 tbs

11. 1 Tomato


Recipes of Cooking

1. Put the bowl of rice and lentil in a pressure cooker. And clean it in pure water for 2 times.

2. Put the 5 full bowl of water in which you had kept the rice.

3. Put the pressure cooker without covering into stove in medium flame.

4. When the pressure cooker in on heat, quickly chop the tomato and put into the cooker

learn hindi with anil mahato

5. Same time peel the potato and clean it in water and make it half to all 3 potatoes and put into the pressure cooker.

6. Now close the pressure cooker with its cover and keep the flame medium and wait for two whistle.

7. While you are waiting for whistle , you peel the onion and chop into small pieces, after that chop the chilly in small small pieces

8. Peel the garlic and chop into very small pieces.

…………………Waiting for Whistle ………

9. When it whistle 2 times turn of the the heat. And do other if you are left with any thing.

10. Wait a minute and take out all the vapors from the pressure cooker. Avoid doing so right after turning off the gas, doing so will result water coming from the whistle.

11. Once the all vapors comes out,  take out all the boiled potatoes, only potatoes and put it in a bigger bowl.

12. Add the onion pieces.

13. Now, wash the big curvy spoon( karchul करछुल) and warm it in very low heat.

14. Put cooking oil in the karchul and wait for 20- 30 sec ,and drop a seed of cumin, is it getting fried, if yes, drop all cumin seeds, followed by chiily and garlic pieces.

15. Heat them till they get brown. Once they get brown half of the material put on potato-onion bowl and half in the pressure cooker with khichdi.

16. Mix the material well with khichdi.

17. And now add little bit salt according to your taste on potato bowl and crush them well and mix it well , make like potato dough.

18. Add the lemon juice and again mix it.

………………..Food is Ready to Serve ………………..

Let me know in the comment section, if you tried in home and loved the taste of this Indian food which you prepared so fast.

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