Hindi Student's Common Doubt 1 – "Like to __ & Fond Of ___"

Recently I was going through some comments on my website, then I was asked by  Motika Chong what is the difference between –

Mujhe Cricket Khelne Ka Shauk Hai. मुझे क्रिकेट खेलने का शौक है |

Mujhe Crucket Khelna Bahut Pasand hai. मुझे क्रिकेट खेलना बहुत पसंद है |

Then I decided to run a series of confusion generally Hindi learners in beginning phase they face. You can ask me below any Hindi confusion based my Hindi lesson, I have prepared. You comment the confusion below the respective lesson with your confusion, I will reply you via a post/video, which will also helps 1000s of other fellow Hindi learners.

So, as this is the first episode, I am starting this with Motika’s question.

Let me clear something first by giving proper meaning of few Hindi words.

1. Pasand Karna – पसंद करना – To Like / To love

2. Shouk Karna – शौक़ करना  To have fond of something

Let’s see some sentences

1. Mujhe Football Khelna Pasand Hai. ( I like to play football /  I love to play football)

       मुझे  फुटबॉल   खेलना  पसंद    है |

Learn Hindi from bollywoods songs
Old Bollywood Hindi Film : Ladki Pasand Hai. ( I liked the girl)

2. Mujhe Naachna Bahut  Pasand Hai. ( I like to dance very much. /  I love to dance very much.)

       मुझे   नाचना       बहुत    पसंद    है |

3. Mujhe Ghhuumna  Ati  Pasand Hai. ( I like to dance too much. /  I love to travel too much.)

       मुझे    घूमना     अति     पसंद    है |

4. Mujhe TV Dekhna Bahut Jyaada  Pasand Hai. ( I like/love to watch TV very very much.)

       मुझे   टीवी       देखना     बहुत     ज्यादा    पसंद    है |

Tera Naam Pasand Hai, Teri dosti Pasand Hai, Tere Pyare Me Jo Guzre Vo Zindagee Pasand Hai.
तेरा  नाम  पसंद  है , तेरी  दोस्ती  पसंद  है, तेरे  प्यार  में  जो  गुज़रे  वो  ज़िंदगी  पसंद  है |
I love your name, I love your friendship, I love the life that spends on your life.

Now let’s replace above sentences by Shauk शौक.

learn hindi with anil mahato

1. Mujhe Football KhelNE  Kaa Shauk Hai. ( I am fond of playing football.)

       मुझे   फुटबॉल     खेलने   का     शौक़    है |

dirty picture funny dialogue
Famous Dialogue from a Hit Bollywood film ” The Dirty Picture” will teach you some Hindi. 😛

2. Mujhe NaachNE  Kaa Bahut  Shauk  Hai. ( I am fond of dancing  very much.)

       मुझे    नाचने     का   बहुत    शौक़    है |

3. Mujhe GhhuumNE  Kaa Ati Shauk  Hai. ( I am fond of travelling too much.)

       मुझे    घूमने    का  अति     शौक़   है |

4. Mujhe TV DekhNE  Kaa Bahut Jyaada  Shauk  Hai. ( I am fond of watching TV.)

       मुझे   टीवी       देखने    का   बहुत        ज्यादा   शौक़  है |

Difference :

The meaning full difference you already saw and I am sure you figured it out what they mean. But also how structurally they differentiate , You saw above.

1. When you use 2nd case of sentences you have to make oblique form and the verbs ends with NE ने ,  while in first case where you are expression I like/love structure, you are using verb in present indefinite form – NA ना

2. In 2nd case you also have to add Kaa का (for masculine verb)  Ki की (feminine verb) after the verb which basically means you are adding “of” – like fond of dancing, fond of playing, fond of writing etc)

Watch the following video lesson on above lesson prepared – Learn Hindi for Beginners – Confusion 1.


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