LEARN HINDI STEP BY STEP 12 – Hindi Pronouns HIS and HER (Respectful)

In the previous episodes of LEARN HINDI STEP BY STEP, you learnt how to use HIS and HER in informal or intimate case for masculine & feminine subjects. Now, this Hindi lesson will help you to understand making HIS & HER sentences if subjects are plural and respective.

For the masculine plural Subject /word after HIS or Her like

His Sons – USKE BETEN उसके बेटें

Her Sons – USKE BETEN उसके बेटें

Her kids –  USKE Bachche(n) उसके बच्चें

Her kids –  USKE Bachche(n) उसके बच्चें

For Masculine Respectful Word After HIS or HER like

Her father –  USKE Peeta Jee उसके पीता जी

Her Father – USKE Peeta Jee उसके पीता जी

But in intimate , informal case

His/Her Father – USKA Baap उसका बाप (its rude don’t say)

Uske Bade Bhai police  Hain

Uske Papa Achchhe Hain. Uske Mama Bimar Hain.

Here, Bade bhai ( elder brother)

Papa (Father) & Mama ( brother of mother) all are respectful person, that is why we use USKE उसके  instead of USKA उसका.

learn hindi with anil mahato

Learn Hindi pronouns in respectful way

Masculine Plural Things & Respectful Objects

We use use for things also in many cases specially when these things are either plural or respectful, the things like home, school, & masculine plural things.


Uske Ghar (उसके घर) – His/Her home – Home is a place loved and respected 🙂

Uske Vidhyalay (उसके विद्यालय )- Vidhyalay is a respectful word 🙂

Uske Gahane (उसके गहने ) – His/His Jewelry : Gahane is plural form of Gahana (गहना )

Uske Paise (उसके पैसे) –  His Money : Paise is plural form of Paisa पैसा (Money)

To learn the use of USKE (उसके), we need to wait, as we are learning Hindi step by step, we are not at the point where we can make sentences based on USKE for that , we need some more lessons, we will get back to this in other Hindi lesson. In this, lesson I was just trying to make you understand when to use, in a sequence of USKA>USKI>USKE>USKO and many more .. we will learn later.. 🙂

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