Learn Hindi Step by Step 14A – Our & Ours (+ Exercise + Video)

From last few Hindi video lessons we are learning Hindi Grammar Possessive Pronouns. We have already learnt – MINE, YOUR, HIS & HERS. Now its time for learning OURS AND THEIRS. You can start learning ours and theirs in Hindi from this video, then later you can read below for extra clearance.

As we know the word OURS came from OUR and OUR from US . So let’s start learning with We.

We in Hindi is called HUM (हम). And OUR as well as OURS is called :

– Hamaara हमारा – For Masculine Word e.g. – Hamaara Ghar हमारा घर ( Our House)

– Hamaari हमारी – For Feminine Word e.g. Hamari Gaadi हमारी गाड़ी ( Our Car)

– Hamaare हमारे – For Plural Word & also for Respectful – Hamare Bachchhe हमारे बच्चे (Our Kids),  Hamaare Pita Jee हमारे पिता जी ( Our Father),

Now, let’s learn to make possessive form.

For Masculine Words

Ye Hamaara Samaaj Hai. Ye Hamaara Hai. (This is our society. This is ours)

ये        हमारा          समाज  है |  ये         हमारा       है |

Ye Hamaara Ghar Hai. Ye Hamara Hai. ( This is our house. It’s ours)

ये        हमारा       घर       है | ये       हमारा      है |

For Feminine Words

Ye Hamaari Beti Hai. Ye Hamari Hai. (This is our daughter. She is ours)

learn hindi with anil mahato

ये       हमारी      बेटी    है |    ये     हमारी     है |

Ye Hamaari Paathsaala Hai. Ye Hamaari Hai. ( This is our school. It’s ours)

ये       हमारी        पाठशाला         है |  ये      हमारी      है|

For Masculine Plural Words

Ye Hamaare Kutte Hain. Ye Hamaare Hain. (These are our dogs. These are ours)

ये        हमारे        कुत्ते     हैं |      ये       हमारे        हैं |

Ye  Saare Hamaare Rashtriya Tyohaare Hain.  Ye Hamaare Hain. ( These all are our national festivals. These are ours.)

ये        सारे           हमारे           राष्ट्रीय        त्योहारे       हैं |    ये       हमारे        हैं |


For Respectful Words

Ye Hamare Guru Jee Hain. Ye Hamaare Hain. (He is our Guru Jee. He is ours.)

ये    हमारे           गुरु   जी      हैं |       ये     हमारे        हैं |

Ye Hamaare Purkho Ki Sampati Hai. Ye Hamaare Hain. (These are our assets. These ours)

ये     हमारे            पुर्खों     की      सम्पति   है |                 ये   हमारे           हैं |

Ye Hamaare Bhagwaan Hain. Ye Hamaare Hain. ( This is our god. He is ours.)

ये       हमारे             भगवान्       हैं   |  ये        हमारे          हैं |


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