Good Morning North Indian Breakfast- JAVA, HALVA, TEA

Do you know there is food named JAVA ? HEHE its not programming language. So, on my visit to North Indian villages, a week ago (today is 6/3/2014),  I ate this amazing breakfast , or I will better say a North Indian style Good Morning Breakfast, all home made.  First day in morning I ate this food, which was not new for me – Aaloo Pakauda (Fried potato with chickpeas flour and spices), Biscuits & Tea



What is very interesting for me is the  DAY 2 Breakfast , I can’t forget one food named – JAVA. I got first surprised with name and made some fun with it. I am sure you are aware of JAVA computer programming language. Here is my second day food I ate.

morning North indian breakfast
A wonderful Good Morning Breakfast on my first day.

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1. Halva (हलवा ) – Its a Indian desert made with Sujee, Milk, Dry fruits and Sugar. You can also prepare it in salty way.

2. JAVA (जभा) – This is totally new food for me . I had never eaten this food before. It was something like Chow min in look but taste was different. As I asked them, they said, its made with wheat flour. They prepare dough with many spices and then they roll it in thin strands on hands and breaks into 1-2 inches long. They prepare Java both in sugary way with milk as well as in salty way with onion and other cool Indian spices.

3. Chai (चाय)You might have heard one saying in India – Chai or Raay India Me Kabhi Bhi Kaheen Bhi Free Me Milta Hai.चाय और राय  इंडिया में कभी भी कहीं भी फ्री में मिलता है | (Tea & Suggestions can be found anywhere anytime for free in India). India’s major tea production is from Darjeeling and Aasaame. I had amazing milk thickened Darjeeling tea. Tea is one thing you will always get in India. But Indian tea are made with milk in it. Don’t take much tea , my suggestion , otherwise you will kill your hunger for food. ( my experience)

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