A glimpse of India By Arun Sharma

Glimpse of India  So what is that thing that first comes to your mind when you hear ‘India’. Asked this question to some people and got multiple replies like color, festivals, land of saints, population, yoga, spices and diversity were common among them. Its actually all of those things an d much more. There are people from different religions, following different cultures, numerous languages, landscapes, mountains, rivers, beaches, forests with the most beautiful and deadliest creatures too.

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color and diversity defines it the most. Every thing is colorful here from people and there dresses to forts and monuments. from exotic places to exotic food, every thing has got something special about it. From saints in the forests to CEOs of MNCs and big entrepreneurs, its home to everyone. A mixture of nature, technology, religion and culture. well this is for now, lots to share with you guys in coming posts.

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