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Namaskar doston ! Mere Saath Hindi Siikhne Ki Koshish Karne Ke Liye Bahut Dhyavaad.

नमस्कार       दोस्तों !     मेरे     साथ   हिंदी    सीखने   की  कोशिश    करने   के    लिए   बहुत    धन्यवाद |)

(Hello friends, thank you for trying to Learn Hindi with me ).  

Learn Hindi Audio lessons free Download

My name is Anil Mahato. I  produce Hindi learning Audi – Video lesson & develop Hindi learning other materials like workbooks for a long time. In this page you will find link to download all my Learn Hindi Audio Lessons. I have been producing videos for a long time on YouTube . But lately what I discovered is people are very busy these days in learning any things, as life is getting very difficult to live. And we have to run all the time to feed this stomach.

But one thing, hit on my brain, that almost every people in this earth have got mobile phone with earphones and memory chip. And my brain trigged to teach you Hindi with my “Learn Hindi Audio Lessons”. Then I discussed this things with my one very talented linguist friend from Brazil, who speaks over 6 language, Gustavo Specort. And we provided a funny name – Learn Hindi on The Way.  So, this is how this journey started learning Hindi with Audio mp3 lessons. I thought at least I can teach you some simple Hindi things, culture, Guides, tips etc , not only for learning Hindi but also on visiting India and many more.

learn hindi with anil mahato

As always , I can not make this ” Learn Hindi Audio Lessons ” successful without the help and suggestions of you, my dear friend. Please, download, listen and analyse , then please write me something.  I really want to make this audio lesson series very successful.

1. Learn Hindi on the Way 1 

2. Learn Hindi on The Way 2 

3. Learn Hindi on The Way 3

4. Learn Hindi on the Way 4

5. Learn Hindi on The Way 5

6. Learn Hindi on The Way 6


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