45 Common Medical Terms in Hindi & English ( +Video + Free eBook)

It is very necessary to learn common medical terms in Hindi, if we wish to speak Hindi perfectly one day. In everyday life we come across many medical terms and words which we often use to speak from being sick to getting healthy. All such very common medical terms in Hindi, I have tried to list out.  You can also download these all these medical terms in eBook /PDF format. Link is given at the bottom.

And the following video will guide you word to word pronunciation. If I missed any words then please let me know in comment section. I will love to add them.

For medical students, doctors, nurses working on hospitals where there is maximum number of Indian patients in abroad like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman and many more other gulf countries , including UK, USA , Canada, this list of common medical words in Hindi is going to be very helpful. I believe they might be searching translation of English Medical Terms to Hindi for their better , easy & closer medical practice.

Let’s learn first these 45 common medical words then we will learn diseases names and so on.

Part 2

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  • Medicine – Davaai दवाई, Davaa दवा, Ausadhi औसधी
  • Medical shop  –  Davaai dukaan दवाई दुकान, Davaakhana दवाखाना,  Ausadhalaya औषाधालय
  • Doctor – Daktar डाक्टर, Chikitsak चिकित्सक
  • Nurse – Nurse नर्स
  • Hospital – Haspataal हस्पताल
  • Patient –  Rogi रोगी , Mareez मरीज़
  • Sick – Bimmar बीमार
  • Wound – Ghaao घाव
  • Wounded – Ghayal घायल
  • Treatment – Upchaar उपचार
  • Operation – Shalyakriya शल्यक्रिया, Cheed Faad चीड़ फाड़
  • Dentist – Dant Visheshagya दन्त विशेषज्ञ, Daanto ka Daaktar दांतों का डाक्टर
  • Opthalomist – Aanko  Ka Daaktar आँखों का डाक्टर
  • Pain – Dard दर्द
  • Faint – Behosh बेहोश
  • Vomit / Throw Up – Ultii  उलटी/ Paltii पलटी
  • Rest – Aaraam आराम
  • Consult – Paraamarsh परामर्श
  • Smoking – Dhumrapaan धूम्रपान
  • Alcohols – Maadak Padaarth मादक पदार्थ
  • Abortion – Garbhpaat गर्भपात
  • Allergy – Allergy एलर्जी
  • Aids – Aids एड्स
  • Acne – Munhaase मुंहासे
  • Blood – Khoon खून, Lahooo लहू, Rakt रक्त
  • Anesthesia – Behoshi बेहोशी
  • Bandage – Patti पट्टी
  • Bed Rest – Bistar Par Aaaram बिस्तर पर आराम
  • Blood Pressure  – Raktchaap रक्तचाप
  • Bone – Haddi हड्डी
  • Capsule – Kaipsul कैप्सूल
  • Contagious – Sankramak संक्रामक
  • Non – contagious – Asankramak असंक्रामक
  • Cough – Khaansii खांसी
  • Crutch – Baisaakhi बैसाखी
  • Disease – Rog रोग
  • Dizziness – Chakkar चक्कर
  • Fever – Bukhaar बुखार
  • Headache – Sirdard सिरदर्द
  • Health – Swaasthya – स्वास्थ्य
  • To Take Breathe – Saans lena सांस लेना
  • Injection – Suee सुई
  • Inhaler – Saans Lenewala सांस लेनेवाला
  • Infectious – Sankramak संक्रामक
  • Stone – Patthari पत्थरी

You can view above list of medical words in image format below. To save these images , simply right click > Save Image for your post study.

List of Common Medical Terms
List of Common Medical Terms
List of Common Medical Terms and Words in Hindi
List of Common Medical Terms and Words in Hindi

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