36 Common Hindi Vocabulary on Time, Days & Dates

In this Hindi lesson, I am going to share very important list of basic phrases, very common Hindi vocabulary on Time, Date & Days used in our everyday Hindi spoken. Most of them are related to time, few are based on moments of time and few are occasional. These common Hindi vocabulary will help you to make many Hindi sentences, as they are very basic roots words. And below list of all words, there is video, watch it if you also want to hear pronunciation of each and every phrase.

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1.  The day before Yesterday – Parso(n) परसों

2.  Yesterday – Kal कल

3.  Today – Aaj आज

4.  Tomorrow – Kal कल

5.  The day after tomorrow – Parso(n) परसों

6.  The day after Parso(n) परसों – Narso(n) नरसों

7.  The day after Narso(n) नरसों – Tarso(n) तरसों

8. Morning – Subah सुबह / Prabhat प्रभात

9. Good morning – Shubh Prabhaat शुभ प्रभात

10. Afternoon – Dopahar दोपहर/  Apraanh अपरान्ह

11. Evening – Shaam शाम / Sandhyaसंध्या

12. Night – Raat रात

13. Day – Din दिन

14. Dark – Andhera अधेरा

15. Bright – Ujaala उजाला

16. Week – Saptaah सप्ताह/ Hapta हप्ता

17. Month – Mahina महिना/ Maah माह

18. Year – Saal साल/ Varsh वर्ष

19. Period of 10 Year – Dashak  दशक

20. Period of 100 Year – Sataabdi सताब्दी

21. Mid Night – Aadhi Raat आधी रात 

22. After – Baad बाद 

23. Before – Pahle पहले 

24. After 1 day – Ek Din Baad एक दिन बाद 

25. Before 1 day – Ek Din Pahle एक दिन पहले

26. After you – Tumhare Baad तुम्हारे बाद 

27. Before you – Tumhare Se Pahle तुम्हारे से पहले 

Note – Se से here is to compare that before you.

29.  This year – Is Saal इस साल / Is Varsh इस वर्ष

30. Last year – Pichhle Saal पिछले साल/ Pichhle Varsh पिछले वर्ष

31.  Next year – Agle Saal अगले साल / Agle Varsh अगले वर्ष 

32. I will come to see you next year.

मैं तुम्हे मिलने आऊंगा अगले वर्ष |

Main Tumhe Milne Aaunga Agle Varsh. 

33. After 2 years – Do Saal Baad दो साल बाद

34. Before 2 years – Do Saal Pahle दो साल पहले

35.  Next DiwaliAgli Diwali अगली दिवाली

Note:- Diwali is a Hindu festival.

36. I will come next Diwali, not this one.

मैं अगली दिवाली में आऊंगा , इस दिवाली में नहीं |

Main Agli Diwali me Aaunga, Is Diwali me Nahi.

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